The Last Countdown
Rape Attempt Foiled in Sodom: LGBTQISDA Church Blinded by Four Angels (Gen. 19)

Apparently, the current leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has decided to abandon its firm biblical stance against homosexuality. The leadership communicates this decision in its official brochure for the 60th Session of the General Conference of the World Church. Considering that they have also decided to ordain women, this is only the next logical step.

The changes to be approved at the GC Session come a little more than a year after the Church’s sex summit, which was held in March of 2014. It was titled “In God’s Image: Sexuality, Scripture and Society.”

The church, which has always held firm biblical beliefs on this subject, received an enormous amount of pressure from pro-LGBT groups in the time leading up to the summit.[1] The discussions among the leadership at the summit, however, were remarkably soft toward “alternative sexuality,” a term they use to disassociate homosexuality from sin. In all truth, sin is no alternative to right living.

It is clear that the real purpose of the summit was to align the church with the UN’s Human Rights agenda, which was born out of the French Revolution in its effort to remove God from human law.[2] The SDA Church announces in its General Conference Session brochure that it will reach that UNTHINKABLE goal at the Session in San Antonio this July.

Prominently displayed on the cover of the brochure are two complementary photographs, which—when combined—tell the whole story. In the top-left corner is a photograph of colorful shade umbrellas in a scene which has nothing to do with the Session. Directly opposite this picture in the top-right corner sits a photograph of a bronze sculpture of two hands releasing a butterfly.

By placing these two images on opposite sides of the page, the designer of the brochure uses them to balance and complement each other. That means the main subjects of the pictures are related: the bright rainbow-like colors of the umbrellas on the left belong with the butterfly on the right.

One of the two most recognized international LGBT symbols is the rainbow flag, the colors of which adorn other LGBT symbols everywhere. The butterfly is a transgender symbol (due to the transformation associated with butterflies) which has also become a common symbol of the LGBT movement.

When the bright colors are combined with the butterfly on the GC Session brochure, the meaning is clear. From left to right, the brochure spells out LGBT in pictures. The leadership has already decided that the church will adopt church policies supporting LGBT equality.

The Church Splits

What will prevent homosexuals from being elected as leaders in the church? Will some homosexuals be elected in this Session of the General Conference?

Where will it end? Will bestiality be next? Will the “chief goat” soon be leading the sheep?

The hands which appear to be releasing the butterfly in the sculpture have a meaning. Releasing the butterfly symbolizes that LGBT persons will be set free in this Session. There will no longer be restrictions hindering them or limiting them within the organized church. They will be free.

What is even more hideous, is that monument stands in a San Antonio children’s park. The church does not even shrink from demoralizing your children to further the spread of homosexuality. They will be happy to incorporate unisex clothing, pictures suggestive of homosexual pairing, and the whole gamut in children’s media.

Friends, this decision will be finalized in the seventh month since God has been judging the church by the Ten Commandments. The beginning of July corresponds to the seventh commandment, which is about the sanctity of marriage. The conference leaders are obliging the church to break the seventh commandment, not only by dismantling the God-given order of the home through the ordination of women, but also by dropping God’s heterosexual design to the ground.

Ellen G. White spoke of “twin institutions” which have been with us since the days of Eden. The two twins are the marriage institution, and the Sabbath institution. When one suffers, the other suffers, because they are twins.

The church will be busy making these changes in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on homosexual marriage. It is clear where the world is headed, and it is clear where the last truly Protestant church is headed.[3]

When the antediluvians reached this level of degradation, God swept them away in the flood. When Sodom and Gomorrah reached this level of degradation, God cleansed them away from that plain with fire and brimstone. Those were examples for the end of the world. The book of Revelation prophesied in the 11th Chapter that these things would happen again, and today we see it happening with our own eyes.

If you find these circumstances disturbing—as you should—I can only urge you to read Fire at Mount Carmel, and take the challenge seriously. The spiritual battle is intense, and it is high time to put your full strength on the Lord’s side.

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