The Last Countdown

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When I discovered the Clock of God in Orion in late 2009, I did not know what the result of these studies would be. I had no idea that God had written one or more messages for Seventh-day Adventists and other Christian denominations into the sky. God wants us to find new treasures in His Word so that we may not err in the turmoil of the last days.

I started the work on this web site in January 2010 because I wanted a platform where I would be able to study with other interested brethren. The quest for truth is a learning process and, therefore, we publish another version of the Orion study with the latest findings, along with some improvements where appropriate. Making mistakes is part of the student's learning process, so we are not ashamed about that, but are gradually approaching the perfect realization of the divine agenda and the new present truth.

The Throne Room Vision

The search for truth will reward the seeker at every turn, and each discovery will open up richer fields for his investigation. Men are changed in accordance with what they contemplate. If commonplace thoughts and affairs take up the attention, the man will be commonplace. If he is too negligent to obtain anything but a superficial understanding of God’s truth, he will not receive the rich blessings that God would be pleased to bestow upon him. It is a law of the mind, that it will narrow or expand to the dimensions of the things with which it becomes familiar. The mental powers will surely become contracted, and will lose their ability to grasp the deep meanings of the word of God, unless they are put vigorously and persistently to the task of searching for truth. The mind will enlarge, if it is employed in tracing out the relation of the subjects of the Bible, comparing scripture with scripture, and spiritual things with spiritual. Go below the surface; the richest treasures of thought are waiting for the skillful and diligent student. {CE 119.1}

Brothers and sisters, Jesus will never make it easy for you to accept new light, which was even prophesied various times by Ellen G. White. You can only please God with faith, and faith comes from studying. All of you are called to retrace those studies, which I understand as given by God, and come to your own conclusions that might be for you a savor either to life or to death. My prayers always accompany those who are open-hearted, who check everything like the Bereans, and who do not reject everything from the outset.

The study of the Clock of God is based on the throne room vision of the apostle John and deciphers the biblical symbolism with the aid of the Spirit of Prophecy, which was given to the Seventh-day Adventist Church through the work of Ellen G. White.

Please remember what Ellen G. White said about the message of the fourth angel:

This message seemed to be an addition to the third message, joining it as the midnight cry joined the second angel's message in 1844.  {EW 277.2}

The message of the fourth angel must come like Miller’s midnight cry. Ellen G. White prophesied this. Thus, it also includes a time message, because the message of William Miller was a pure time message.

I'd like to plead with every person who is seriously interested in his/her salvation to read this divine message and see what the consequences are for his/her own life, like I did for myself. Beyond that, dear brothers and sisters, you can read for yourself in the Orion study.

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