The Last Countdown

Originally preached on Friday night, January 31, 2014, 8:00 pm in German

The text of this sermon follows, edited and formatted as an article.

¡Feliz Sábado! Happy Sabbath to all! Today—I think—is the first time that I will preach publicly in German in this temple. I’m not sure if I’ve done this before. I’m not very used to preaching in German. If you preach for 8 years in Spanish and then sometimes in English, German becomes something irregular. You can imagine. Nevertheless, it is my native language and with this sermon we hope to address the whole world.

The time in which we are now living is very serious. What we have to announce today isn’t a small matter, and this day is a very special day. It will become evident in the summary of the past months of intense study that we have to preach something important to the world, and it will be about a race—the last race that will take place on this earth. We are the only ones who know the exact times of this race. We know the stations, we know the pit stops, and we know where we can get good gasoline and where they’ll give us the bad. We have studied more intensely in the past 3 to 4 months than ever before in the entire phase of the proclamation of the fourth angel’s message. And there were only a few who found their way into our study forum through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It’s shocking what has happened to the human race, and especially to the Adventist Church where the 144,000 originally should have emerged from.

We’re worshipping now on the eve of Sabbath, February 1, which according to Gregorian reckoning will start at midnight. It’s Friday evening, the beginning of the Sabbath. I was just told that it’s 35°C (95°F) in the bedrooms with a humidity of 90-95%. That’s why I’m dressed in a light shirt, because the priest in the sanctuary shouldn’t sweat.

It takes away concentration.

We live and work here under very difficult conditions—very severe conditions. We repaired our temple with little financial support, and we work diligently on this farm—especially my friends here, in the sweat of their brow in the truest sense of the word.

We are not used to holidays. We only know the Sabbath as a day of rest, and it is in fact the busiest day because that is when we take care of our flock via Facebook or e-mail, which we often cannot do during the week because of our many farm duties.

It’s no bed of roses here. When we started the forum some two years ago—it was exactly in August 2011—some of our friends accused us of living on a luxury farm. They should be ashamed of the sin of saying such a thing without knowing how hard and full of privation life here really is! Everyone here knows it, and no one is dishonest because we would be ashamed of spreading lies.

We have air conditioners that fail constantly because the local electric company can hardly power them. In Paraguay, there is not enough power to provide us with cool air in the houses all the time. And if an air conditioner fails, it fails for a long time because it’s hard to get an electrician or repairman to this farm.

When my friends arrive at the lunch table, you see eight people coming completely drenched in sweat from head to toe with soaked clothes. They are greasy and dirty from the hard work, and during the week, only the short hours of the night are left for them to recover, and those hours they spend with you out there: in Facebook, answering e-mails while pulling an all-nighter.

But they give everything to God, and that is why they’re here. We’re not complaining about this life; it is what we’ve chosen, and we know that we have more luxury in comparison to Jesus by far.

Today I said to Robert as we were going to the dentist, “You know what, my brother? Sometimes I am ashamed because of the luxury we still have. We have electricity—mostly—we have water—mostly—and Jesus did not even have a pillow to lay His head on.”

The problem is, Jesus did not have to preach like we do, to the whole world at once in a very short time frame. Rather, He prepared everything by planting seeds which had 2000 years’ time to bear fruit.

Our situation is different. The fourth angel’s message was rejected so long that now only a few days remain to spread it. Therefore, we need electronic tools today. You need electricity for them. You need the Internet. You need all these things, and you also need a cool head for the work, because when it’s 40°C (104°F) or 50°C (122°F) in doors, no one can write, get anything to paper, or think clearly anymore. The brain stops functioning at those temperatures. That’s why I’m not ashamed to have a fan here and running air conditioning which cools the room down to 27°C (81°F) at full power.

So, today is a very special day.

It’s a special day that we’ve recognized, and it’s time for the second public sermon. That’s why we are recording this sermon today. And if I look a little sad, then it’s because I know how few people will hear this sermon, and especially how few people will make the right decision as a result of it.

There will be only 144,000 individuals from all of humanity that will make the perfect decision. From 7.5 billion people that live on this globe, only 144,000! That’s a very small percentage. Nevertheless, there will be many who will still give their lives for Jesus—their physical lives—and thus save their eternal lives through their faithfulness to their Lord, and we hope that they will understand at least a part of the message that will be given today.

Now I’d like to sing the song of the Holy Spirit with you. We’ll sing it in Spanish, because we are used to singing in Spanish here, and we only have the hymn book in Spanish on the computer. I hope YouTube will not accuse me of copyright infringement for singing from the “Hymnario”—the hymnal—again. It’s unbelievable what they decide electronically nowadays. Last time with the last sermon they admonished me and immediately said: “Hey, you!”—but we were even singing by ourselves! YouTube immediately decided that it would be an infringement of copyright for me as an Adventist to sing a song from the Adventist hymnal. It was decided electronically—imagine that!

Today, we’ll sing the song about the latter rain because we believe and know that the high time of the latter rain starts exactly today. The high time of the latter rain started this evening at sunset. Soon you will all recognize that God always has two phases in the revelation of new light. First someone receives it—usually one of us—and then it is published. The more important day for the Lord is always the day when it’s published—when the light becomes available to the people outside.

This is usually the day marked by God with a timeline—and today is one such day. And this new light, after all the new light that we’ve received in the last 3-4 months of studying, is still unknown to my brethren here today because I received it very recently—last night. And they’ll be amazed that it once again fulfills what we’ve so often experienced here. First, new light is given, then we study it, then it’s published, and then we see that a timeline ends right there on the publication date. Isn’t it strange that God does so much with time? Most Adventists deny that fact, and thus they are in the best ecumenical unity with the rest of Christendom.

No time setting! No one knows the day or the hour!

Well, it’s funny that we know it then, and that we have hit the mark so often “by chance.”

Let’s pray.

Dear Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy wonderful name, Lord!

Lord, we are gathered together to give You the honor and to welcome You to our small church in Paraguay on this Sabbath, in this temple, which is currently experiencing a very special day. Our viewers probably know quite nothing about Hanukkah, but we know something about it, because it was one of the major topics of our studies recently. We know that this temple consecration feast is in full progress today.

Moreover, it’s a special day, namely the day of Your arrival: the arrival of the Fourth Angel on Earth. He has now come down fully to give the light which You want to give to the world as a final warning before the time of plagues, before the door of mercy will be finally closed.

We ask You, Lord, to be with us, that everything will come true and everything we say is the truth, so that no guile will be found in our mouths and we won’t lead anyone astray. We ask so much to be instruments in Your hands, never to do anything against You, but always follow You wherever You go.

We also received a dream from a brother that shows Your guiding, and I hope I still have time to briefly address it later.

Give us all Your Holy Spirit now, Lord! Fill us with Your love and Your grace! Make it true, Lord, that You come soon, because we miss You and we want to meet You again! In the name of Jesus Christ, and in the name of Alnitak, Amen!

When we’re studying in the group I often say, I can make it short, or I can make it long. If I discover something new, I say: I can make it short by telling you the solution to the topic immediately, or I can make it long and you’ll have to develop the solution to the problem by yourselves, and therefore you’ll remember the solution to the problem better.

When our study group sits at the round or square table, we quite often have a question-and-answer game.

It’s how a teacher proceeds, and we are supposed to be teachers. Teachers ask a lot of questions and usually the students know little. They learn by pondering possible solutions.

So that is how we study in the forum, in our “restaurant” as we call it, with the students who accepted our invitation and have been very diligent in the past few months. When it becomes pretty quiet on our homepage, it should always be a big warning to the readers of the website, “Oh, oh! There is new light in Paraguay. They are studying now!”

It’s not “Oh, John Scotram has lost his courage, because nothing is happening. There’s nothing else he could say. Oh, so many disappointments! He was never right, nothing ever came to pass! The resignation of Benedict—coincidence! Papal election—coincidence! Election of the Jesuit generals around the world on the exact date that we predicted— coincidence! The largest gamma-ray burst ever recorded in the history of mankind and the universe—coincidence!” On exactly April 27, just as we predicted. All coincidence—of course!

Then, suddenly it becomes quiet. Then our temple roof collapses. Then there is a last prayer request. And nobody has the idea to say: “Oh, oh, in their prayer request they wrote about the possibility of fire coming from the heavens. That might have something to do with the Feast of Tabernacles. Could this have been a warning to us? Shouldn’t we research whether there is another possible Feast of Tabernacles?”

The truth is that no one did it. There is not one person on this planet who understood our warning newsletter or our warnings on the homepage at all.

We simply stopped setting new countdowns. We just said: “Well, let’s give the people a chance to study. Let’s make them a bit curious. Perhaps some will wake up and ask out of curiosity whether God could have something planned for them.”

The reaction was zero. We fixed our temple roof, and it was already repaired when we published the prayer request. Many, even of our friends, misunderstood it and said, “Oh, the poor guys, they have no temple roof anymore. We will pray for you!” Three months after the repair, I was asked, “Is the temple roof finally repaired now?” despite the fact that we had already written that it had been repaired.

Today, humanity is no longer able to read. I’ve noticed that. I notice it even in our own group sometimes. There’s a lack of concentration! I mean, not everyone lives in 40-50°C (104-122°F) temperatures. In those places, I would understand it, but I think North America is in the height of winter right now. Regardless, the lack of concentration seems to spread like a disease over the whole world. You can feel it! It’s not just that the PISA tests give terrible results, but you also feel it as a teacher. The students are getting dumber—more and more foolish.

There’s a reason for that. Ellen G. White talked about it. The Holy Spirit withdraws from the Earth. We are just creatures in the hand of God, and our minds only work if we have the Holy Spirit. Why is everything so bad on the earth? Why do we have so much crime? Why do we have so many drug addicts? There’s no Holy Spirit anymore.

Can it be right—as I said earlier—that today the Holy Spirit is being poured out in form of the fourth angel? Right now, for the next—well, I don’t want to say the number of days yet—but He will be eminently poured out until the time of plagues. But only for those who have the right relationship to Christ.

The Holy Spirit will not be poured out upon someone who has no relationship with HIM. That cannot be.

Am I right, Jan? Amen! Yes, we have to use “amens” more frequently. With a few more “amens,” the people outside might be able to tell that there aren’t just empty pews here.

Only those who have a relationship with Jesus can get enough of the Holy Spirit to even understand the things that we’re talking about today. Therefore, most people stare at our articles and say: “What? What is this? I don´t understand! Well, when will He come then? Orion is astrology! Eh?”

Yes, there have been many reactions like this—just stupid. Every mediocre talented—let’s say—high school graduate would understand that so many “coincidences” in a constellation listing all of the historical milestones of the church cannot be mere coincidence. Anyone who has ever heard about statistical calculations can understand that it is impossible for us to be talking about coincidences.

There is a nice example in the context of creationism and the theory of evolution that is well known! The example goes like this. You blow up a truck with a 300-ton explosive charge so that it disintegrates into atoms, and these atoms fall back down and form a human, an elephant, a lion and three zebras. That would be possible if evolution were true. Then this coincidence would be possible.

Nevertheless, that’s still just a truck with a 300-ton explosive charge. If all that we have been studying were coincidence and everything comes to pass, then we would have to blow up the entire universe and have it fall back together like it was before, by pure chance. For the people out there not to be able to see this any longer—neither pastors, nor scientists, nor so-called believers—the Holy Spirit must have already been taken away from them, because it borders on stupidity. It borders on silliness.

That’s the truth.

Many will get upset again that I’ve said that, and I hope they get really upset so some of them will start to think and ask for the Holy Spirit to see the harmonies and the truth and the beauty of God’s end-time plan. God is harmonious, and harmony expresses His love. And what we are talking about—especially in this movement—are time harmonies.

When we withdrew, first we were guided by the Lord into a study where we had to pay an old debt. We had written articles that confirmed the 372 days of the time of plagues. I remember that there were voices like that of Werner Renz, Hope Channel, etc., who said, “The whole time of plagues lasts only 14 days. Prepare yourselves a bit of dry bread, a glass of milk and a pint of water. You’ll come through the time of plagues with this, and then Jesus comes. And then it’s all over. Then you are in heaven, and then you are fine. Grapes will abound, no problems anymore!”

We studied, and we said, “No, that’s not true.” In the Bible we find hints like “her plagues come in one day.” One day stands for one year. So it must be approximately a year. How long exactly? Is it a 360-day Jewish year according to a prophetic year, or a 365-day solar year, or more, or less? How do we know? We’ve written a series of articles about it: Shadows of the Sacrifices.

We’ve examined the sacrifices in several mosaic books and found that there is a specific number of units of bread that will be given, like rations for a journey, that stand for a specific number of days. And these bread units symbolize the Holy Spirit. You get enough spiritual food to understand what we have to say and understand what it’s all about with God.

You get the Holy Spirit, not a worldly spirit. Bread units stand for the body and blood of Jesus, and not for the body and blood of the world, like the majority consumes.

Through Jesus Christ’s fulfillment of the spring feast sacrifices, we found out how the plan works. We understood the blueprint. There were rations for 51 days so that the disciples would have enough of the Holy Spirit not to apostatize or commit other errors from the time of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross until the gift of the Holy Spirit. They had to stand fast and stay in the faith.

Then we calculated and counted the provisions for the end time, for the time of plagues, given by the rations established for the autumn feasts, and that resulted in rations for 372 days: 365 days of a solar year plus 7 days. We can conclude from that, “Aha, the door of mercy closes like in the days of Noah just 7 days before the plagues begin. And then the 144,000 have to persevere with these bread units without an intercessor until the coming of Jesus, but not without the Holy Spirit who was given to them beforehand.” That’s how Jesus is always with us in the form of the Holy Spirit, His Representative, until the end, as He promised.

So, what was the old debt that we hadn’t paid yet? It was an additional study, because there are new instructions for feast sacrifices in the Bible. And we have quite often pointed out in the articles that the Book of Ezekiel is the book for our present time. It’s the time of the latter rain. It is the book for the 144,000. It was not the book for Ellen G. White. It was not the book for the pioneers of Adventism. It was not the book for Ellen G. White’s time, at the beginning of the 120 years of wandering in the wilderness until 2010. She might have cried a lot, because surely she wanted to meet Jesus alive without tasting death. And it would have been possible in her time if Jesus had returned in 1890. But He couldn’t come because the light of the Holy Spirit had been rejected.

Ezekiel is the book for our time, and in this odd temple of Ezekiel which was never built—and will never be built because it’s just a blueprint of the ideal temple in heaven—in this temple we are given new instructions for the sacrifices. There we suddenly see huge differences, but that’s not my topic for today. Rather, I will briefly summarize what we have studied and what will soon be published in this new creative phase on our web site. This is a great study! It’s the third part of the Shadows of the Sacrifices, and has surprised us greatly. There we find rations for exactly 1260 days, and we recognized that these rations are divided into two parts: the spring rations and the autumn rations. The ratio is interesting. There are 636 days from the spring rations and 624 days from the autumn rations.

Rations of EzekielFigure 1 – Rations from new sacrifices of Ezekiel

These last 1260 days start on May 6, 2012—so they began a while ago—and reach to October 17, 2015, which is the day when the door of mercy for humanity will close. This is the complete duration of the judgment of the living. For this phase, the Lord has poured out a very special ration of Holy Spirit for 1260 days divided into two time spans: 636 days of spring provision and 624 days of autumn provision.

It’s clear where we are, the middle, i.e. the intersection of the two curves, is today. These are actually two days—yesterday—January 31, when the Lord decided to give even more new light on top of the abundant new light that is not yet published. This is to be preached today in this little sermon.

We are at this intersection day. The judgment of the living—as incredible as it may sound—has two phases. Ellen G. White knew nothing about this. It was not her job to know. And because one phase is over now, we can say exactly what that phase was for. It was a period of grace, of very special grace. The gift of Jesus was given at the spring feasts, and this was always grace.

Later, once Jesus had ascended to heaven and had begun His service of intercession, what phase began for humanity? The phase of persecution! Whoever has read the Book of Acts knows that persecution started with the apostles the moment they went out to preach. They were immediately persecuted. And this begins now. We are at the beginning of a phase of persecution, but also at the same time it will be a new phase of grace, because it is still before the closing of probation. And today, we will find out the exact meaning of those 624 days.

Next, we studied the deeper meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles. We recognized that it must have something to do with the temple. God gave us a great sign here. God allowed a beam to break here at a certain time, so that our full attention was directed to the temple. Indeed, our lives here revolve around this temple. This temple is the temple from which the light of the fourth angel shall go out into the world, and suddenly a beam breaks. “Why did You allow this, O Lord! You know we have no money! It’s so hard to repair!” Nevertheless, the Lord gave us money we were not expecting at the very moment we decided to repair the roof, even if we would have to starve to death. When we said, “We will repair it, whether it’s a bad or good sign. The Lord needs His house even though He does not live in houses made of stone, but it’s a symbol—and we cannot leave it broken. We will repair it in any case, even if we have to starve.” The Lord gave funds on the very next day. And the roof was repaired perfectly. We are sitting here safely once again.

Thus, our attention was directed to the temple. We were expecting the persecution phase to begin at the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the feast for the dedication of the temple. We overlooked the fact that the Feast of Tabernacles commemorates only the dedication of the temple of Solomon. But there is another temple which is much more important. Again, we are no feast day keepers, but we are feast day students and we learn from the types. We do not celebrate the feast days.

In our studies of the Feast of Tabernacles, we overlooked that there is a much more important temple than the temple of Solomon. Yes, which temple can that be? The temple where Jesus Christ later preached in His physical human form! It’s called Herod’s Temple today.

It’s about this temple, and it has its own feast of dedication that only a few people know about, because it’s not written in our normal Bible—not in the Textus Receptus and it’s called Hanukkah. It takes place on Kislev 25 and lasts 8 days. This is the 25th day of the 9th Jewish month.

Our attention was drawn to this feast because this is the temple where Jesus Christ was personally present. And the Holy Spirit represents whom today? Jesus Christ. And for whom are we waiting to come down on Earth? For the Holy Spirit in the form of the Fourth Angel. When will He come? Today! Because today is this feast of Hanukkah and we are right in the middle of these two time lines the 636 days and the 624 days until the end of grace. So, we’ll see later that He really has come.

But I have to summarize what exactly happened in the last few months since the people couldn’t read anything new on the web site. There are always two possibilities for the High Sabbath Adventists. There are always two possible times for Passover, there are always two times for Pentecost, there are always two possibilities for Yom Kippur, there are always two possible times for Tabernacles, and there are always two possibilities for Hanukkah. This is simply because it depends on the barley harvest test after the spring equinox.

Therefore, in all of our studies two possible options always appear within a distance of one lunar month. We found something interesting and that is that usually when the first possibility fulfills, it symbolizes movements of the Father. He was the first One to enter the Most Holy Place for the judgment time—and I remind you that there is a vision of Ellen G. White that accurately describes this. The second possibility usually describes an action or—let’s say—a takeover or change on behalf of Jesus’ service.

So which possibility of Hanukkah would it be if I say that the Holy Spirit is coming down? Is this a movement of the Father, or is this a movement of the Son? The Holy Spirit represents the Son so it must be the second possibility of Hanukkah and we are now in the middle of the second Hanukkah feast. It lasts until February 3. There are a lot of dates, but today is the intersection of the lines.

So, we are in the antitypical feast of dedication of the temple that was consecrated to Jesus Christ. In this temple He would be personally present and preach some 500 years after its dedication, right? So, this temple is a much more appropriate type for us than the temple of Solomon. The fire which came down at Solomon’s temple still represented the Messiah who was to come. But then the Messiah really came to the temple of Herod.

And that’s why the feast of Hanukkah is highly interesting as type for that feast when the intersection takes place when the Holy Spirit as the Fourth Angel would come down. We can find exactly this point of intersection in the Bible by simply counting the sacrificial rations.

It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit has guided this group to find such things which have never been found in over 2000 years or more. Well, it’s even more because the book of Ezekiel was written some 600 years before Christ.

I’m not a historian to tell you the exact date; you can look it up in the Bible Commentary. Well, what was the next thing we discovered? Who remembers? I have to make it short—indeed we discovered a lot. We’re going to write a lot about it, but I’d like to get to the point and hopefully not make the sermon 3 hours today. Therefore, I prepared a few timelines.

Two Phases of the Father's movementsFigure 2 – Two Phases of the Father’s Movements

Figure 2 is a fairly complex timeline. The first part of it was published, and the second part is not yet known publicly. It’s about the movements of the Father and the Court. We started with our warnings in 2012, “Attention, fireballs will fall!” That is published in the articles The 1335, 1290 and 1260 Days. At that time, certain timelines began in regard to the temple that we also found in the Book of Ezekiel. For example, 40 steps (cubits) for the Father to leave the sanctuary. Ellen G. White said that Ezekiel 9 applies to the Adventist Church.

Beware, dear Adventists out there, this is serious! This is about all Adventists. It’s about all who haven’t gotten the mark or the seal! It’s not about the sign or seal of the 144,000, but it’s about the mark of those who sigh and cry because of the abominations committed in the Adventist Church. Anyone who is not sighing and crying in front of such an apostasy which nowadays takes place in the Adventist Church cannot even be saved! He is part of it.

There’s a saying and I told the group already and I’ll tell you this time publicly. Then everybody can get upset again, but I’ll say it anyway. My stepfather—a not so nice person—once said: “Sometimes you have to howl with the wolves, but you do not have to grunt with the pigs.” My dear friends, those who don’t sigh and cry about what is going on in the Adventist Church and in the entire world, are not howling with the wolves! Enough said.

What’s going on is impiety. This is complete denial that God even exists. It’s fearlessness about someone’s own eternal death, out of stupidity and lack of the Holy Spirit. What’s happening here is suicide, and somewhere I’ve expressed it by saying: “They rush like the lemmings to their destruction—for no reason.”

Three LocksBut God is grace, and grace is extended again and again, and we ourselves can be happy about that, because we need mercy too. We recognize almost every day how little we actually know. And we are ashamed and say, “Wow, how could we miss that again?” This happens every day when we get new light. “How much did we overlook again? Great things! Oh, it was so clear and simple!” So, we discovered timelines. Due to the complexity of the timelines that we discovered, the Lord even had to help us through dreams. A brother had dreams about three locks. Door locks!

There were three door locks; a new one, a middle aged and a very old one. The dream claimed that we would understand the newest reasonably well. With that knowledge, we should get to understand the old lock and at last the middle one. We were a little bit confused. What did this dream mean? At first we even thought that it might not have been given by God, and later we discovered that these dreams were very important because suddenly we discovered the locks.

What I have shown in Figure 2 is the newest lock, and it’s the lock of the movements of the Father. The movements of the Father did not end with the first timeline that we published after the 70 days of preparation when the Father sought witnesses for the first time.

There was still a second part to the lock for moving the Court, which lasted 630 preparatory days. It didn’t end as far as published that the Father left the Most Holy Place, passed the Holy Place and entered the courtyard. No, that would be the end of Ezekiel 9. It continues in Ezekiel 10. The Lord, the Father, completely leaves the sanctuary with the entire Court, and leaves through the gate that leads to the east.

He leaves His temple completely. What does the temple in Ezekiel 9 represent? The Adventist Church! Yes, but Ellen G. White said that the church goes through to the end! Yes, it does, but in the form of true Adventists, like us here. Ellen G. White said that the church is not the institution or the organization, but God’s faithful. We are all Adventists here. We would never deny one pillar of Adventism. Quite the contrary, they are the basis of our studies. That’s how it is!

There are many who say: “But time setting! Ellen G. White was against it!” We’ve explained in articles why there is time again. Ellen G. White is not above the Bible. Her message was absolutely necessary for a specific time. She also had visions that showed the exemptions to those restrictions. She clearly stated that the 144,000 will know the time. Period!

And they will know the time at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Since when have we received these special rations for the 1260 days? (See Figure 1.) Yes, since May 6, 2012! Since then everyone who wants to belong to the 144,000 could actually know the time.

On May 6, the day when the first provision for the 1260 days was given, the Father had reached the courtyard and found no witnesses in His Church (see Figure 2).

Then the Supreme Judge Jesus, who had previously received this office from the Father when He left the Most Holy Place, decided—and now it gets serious—to move the Court to a different location. There where the Court was held, no witnesses could be found.

The entire Court had to leave. We’ve even written about this already. We recognized that a certain timeline within this 630-day ration pointed exactly to the date of the harp concert in Paraguay. Jan even dreamt about this day.

I think we have to talk in more detail about his dream some other day. It had convinced me to expect the Sunday law in 2013, which by the way is not even over as it lasts until Yom Kippur 2014—but that’s not important now.

There is another perfect dream interpretation which does confirm a lot of what we have already interpreted perfectly right. 90% was correct, just the Sunday law did not come yet because there is still grace. These dream timelines were perfectly exact, and we found all of the events that correspond to them. This will be the subject of another article.

I’d like to express that something very special was about to take place in the first section of the 630 days: a prophetic year of grace with 360 days. We also wrote about that briefly in the addendum to the article The End of SDA Church. There we stated for all to read that we have already recognized that a year of grace according to Luke 13 had been given. The Father didn’t immediately say, “Oh, I cannot find any witnesses, now I forsake My church—now I start Ezekiel 10!” Instead He said, “I will wait one more year!” This is because the Holy Spirit had asked the Father—if you will, “I’ll check again after a year whether there was repentance or not!”

There was no repentance, and thus the year of grace ended on April 30, 2013. That’s one of the very important dates, because today we are able to harmonize them with certain events within the Adventist Church regarding the ordination of women. These are all important dates! We will surely publish an article about it.

These are the key data: The year of grace was given when the SECC—Southeast California Conference—decided to introduce ordination of women in the U.S. on May 1, 2012. When the year of grace ended on April 30, 2013, the Father said on May 1, “Now I am going to leave!” And where to? We also wrote about that briefly. A short but very nice article, in my opinion. We recognized that the Father moved towards us with the Court. Do you remember why? We had recognized the 26-27th of October with the harp concert. Hence, the article was published.

This is exactly the endpoint of the 180 days of the movement of the Court from the northern to the southern hemisphere. Why 180 days? 180 days are 6 x 30 days meaning half a year. It represents quite clearly and simply the difference between the opposite seasons. If it is spring in the northern hemisphere, it is autumn in the southern; summer—winter, winter—summer. Simply, a half-year time difference! This can be expressed by 180 as the number of days. When the Father left on May 1, it took the Court 180 days to reach the southern hemisphere.

Question: from where? Where was the Court before? In Jerusalem, where it always has been! There must be a reason—we will write about it later—why Jerusalem ceases to be the center of time calculation of God from now on.

There is a reason! Well, just think about it on your own. It might have something to do with the politics that take place around the Temple Mount. Which center is to be built there? Soon, even very soon! The center of the religion of the New World Order! So it’s not only due to the apostasy of the Adventist Church, but also because of the apostasy of the entire world that Jerusalem ceases to be the center of God’s time reckoning.

We thought—and we wrote about it—that the authority was given to us then as evidenced by the harp concert, confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. We wrote in great detail about the harpers harping on their harps from Revelation 14. We understood that the authority was coming to us, and because we are always a little hasty, we believed that it would be immediately on that very day, with fireballs the next day.

Yes, we are just like the disciples. We cannot wait for the Lord to come, and to be honest, of course we are bothered by what is taking place and how the message is received, how it is rejected and how it is trodden into the dirt. For me, all those revelations started at least in 2008, and over the years I’ve never seen anything like this where a message gains so much light each time when it goes on, that a message contains so much logic, so much beauty, and so much harmony. It’s incredible what takes place here! This is recognized only by those who really delve deeply into the subject and also have the Holy Spirit to be able to do so.

It’s a fact that if I move from Jerusalem 180 days of the season’s difference or half a year to the south, indeed I just have reached the southern hemisphere, but then I’m still in Africa. I am not yet in Paraguay! But we were waiting for the authority in Paraguay.

The Father's movementsFigure 3 – Timeline of the Father’s Movements (click to enlarge)

Which movement needs to be made now? I still have to go to the west. How far? The time zone difference between Jerusalem and Asunción, Paraguay! How many hours is that? 6 hours. It’s exactly 6 hours difference in time zones! How many days does an hour represent—a prophetic hour?

15 days. 6 × 15 days is 90 days. So the Father and the entire Court first had to go 180 days from north to south, and then 90 days to the west in order to accomplish the time zone change. When did they arrive here? On January 25, 2014. January 25 was the day of arrival. January 26 was already the first day of a new timeline. What happened on January 25?

On January 25 something specific happened that would finally give us the authority that we expected. It must be a sign that God had passed the authority to us, taking it away from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. We needed to find an event on that day, and we found it! Now we understand the reason why there’s a difference between the end of the 630 days and the end of the 636 days, and why there are two timelines (see Figure 1). It took another 6 days for the information to reach us about what had happened, because nowadays everything is done quite secretly in the Adventist Church. You cannot get information about what they do so easily anymore.

Just today I read that certain articles which were already published this week have been taken away from the Adventist Review on the instruction of the highest leaders because they reveal too much of what is going on in the TOSCs—the theology of ordination study committees—on the topic of women’s ordination. These are the worldwide theological study groups of the divisions.

It is exactly about this topic. We discovered later this week that all of the timelines of the movements of the Father and the Court away from the Adventist Church run in perfect lockstep with the women’s ordination issue.

Progress of women's ordinationFigure 4 – The Father’s movements in lockstep with the progress of women’s ordination (click to enlarge)

It’s a complete synchronization of events. All major points that we found anywhere on the timeline meet precisely and exactly those moments when the Adventist Church took steps in the direction of allowing women to be ordained as pastors and leaders.

We can conclude that this issue led to the decision that God Father has left His Church. This is a serious issue. For a long time even we didn’t understand how serious this issue is. Considering our smallness as a tiny movement, we haven’t felt involved in this topic because for us it’s no question whether one of our three women here should be ordained or not. It’s not an issue for us, but now we had to deal with it. When we recognized that God’s timelines run exactly in parallel with His movements away and that this is the greatest abomination for Him, we also understood what the women in Ezekiel mean who weep for Tammuz!

Now that would be great if we would have time to talk about Jan’s dream again, but I would need at least a quarter of an hour for that.

Briefly: there were two institutions in Eden. Marriage and the Sabbath. Both are interrelated. If I destroy marriage, I also destroy the Sabbath. Both things were shown in Jan’s dream and both have to do with the ordination of women because the hierarchy between man and woman was set up at creation before the fall. This is what the ordination of women destroys.

The wife is and has always been a help meet for the man. She is not above the man, and she has no leadership function in the marriage. Not even—and I’m sorry dear ladies out there—not even in Eden before the fall like many believe. That is wrong! The man always had the lead role in the marriage. Well, in heaven there is no marriage anymore, dear ladies, maybe then finally. But then Jesus has leadership over you. Nobody will be without a leader, not even we men.

Ordination of women is the destruction of a divine principle of creation, which inevitably leads to the destruction of the second institution, the Sabbath, because they are intrinsically connected. If you contradict God in His plans that were defined at creation, you automatically contradict the Sabbath, given at creation.

It’s a logical conclusion. This is where the ordination of women, accepted by the church, leads to. Because of God’s wisdom, He immediately recognized that the church is now on its way to accept Sunday as soon as Sunday becomes the mark of the beast. That’s why it’s such an abomination to Him. Therefore, God shows all this in detailed timelines and by movements north to south and east to west (Figure 3). In the middle of the Father’s movements, after having moved from north to south, in the middle exactly at that point, the harp concert in Paraguay took place to signal to you out there where the direction is leading.

Then scoffers like Kevin Windisch wrote: “Hey, what about your authority now? The fireballs didn’t fall!” These fools don’t recognize that they have been given an additional 90 days, and again 624 days more. They don’t recognize what is going on and that it’s a matter of their eternal lives. They don’t realize it because they are completely void of the Spirit. They don’t sigh and cry; they don’t see what’s going on in the Adventist Church, and they just feel good wallowing like pigs in their own filth—just to stay with the illustration, not wanting to insult.

A few days ago, on January 25, 2014, this movement was completed and it corresponded exactly to the end of the third TOSC session about women’s ordination. A landslide went through the Church when 6 out of 13 divisions voted positive for the ordination of women, 5 voted negatively but qualified—ultimately they would do what Ted Wilson decides at the General Conference Session in 2015. Only one division was undecided and only 1 of the negative votes was unqualified. Only one without qualification!

This means two things happened: More than half of the Adventist Church wants to ordain women, and so half of the democratically-organized Adventist Church decided against the laws of God that were given in Eden. If it were a democratic state, then the state would have finally apostatized from God now. But that’s not enough!

We know that Ted Wilson is implementing a Jesuit plan with an esoteric and an exoteric message. The exoteric message corresponds to the message of “our dear” Pope Francis exactly: “I’m so nice. I’m conservative, and I’m for the poor people.” And because we still have many conservative groups in the Adventist Church, Ted Wilson has to play the role of conservative President, which he does with flying colors because he was well reared to be the best actor of the world for his life as a Jesuit. He was reared by his daddy Neil Wilson, who was one of the highest Jesuits in our Church already. He had a good teacher. So he’s playing a double game and says, “I don’t want women’s ordination! No, not me!” And our dear friends like Norbert Musolff say: “Ah, what a great president we have! He is so conservative! He says he doesn’t like ecumenism!”

Then I ask Norbert: “Norbert, tell me, what has he done against the ecumenism recently?” Then there is silence—he can’t answer because Teddy did nothing! In Germany Ted Wilson said: “Don’t do it so openly!” Just do it more secretly so that not every fool will notice it!

And what about the lemmings? They all follow Ted Wilson. It’s incredible what takes place. How much of the Holy Spirit is still in this world, when no one recognizes this? There must be almost nothing left. They don’t realize a double game is being played in the Church. So, what happened?

6 votes against women’s ordination, and 5 of them voted negatively but qualified. “We do not want to ordain women, but ultimately we will do what Ted Wilson tells us.” Which system was introduced here? The Roman system: “We will do everything that Pope Francis tells us.” “We will do everything that Ted Wilson tells us, even if we are hypocritically against it” because it’s “not so clearly written” in God’s Word that women should be ordained. Paul has something to say about this—it’s not so “clearly written!” “But no problem, we couldn’t care less what is written in the Bible! We’ll do what Ted Wilson says! We want unity!” Yes, now we want unity in the Adventist Church with Ted Wilson, and then Ted Wilson wants unity with the ecumenical movement. And then we are all united under Daddy Francis— It’ll be wonderful, and we’ll all be united! A slew of foolish apostatized tares bundled and condemned to eternal death! It’s a tragedy what is happening!

Someone could accuse me of making fun here. No, I’m not here to joke with you. That’s gallows humor. That’s grief. I cannot cry here. I don’t want to weep in front of you, but it would express my feelings. There are now 18 million baptized Adventists on the earth, and they are all jumping into the jaws of Daddy Francis, guided by the chief lemming Ted Wilson.

This decision was made exactly on the date we prophesied, January 25th, which was even a Sabbath when the final event of the 5-day TOSC session took place. It’s over and out! The Adventist Church itself has decided against God; against His creation hierarchy and His creation plans.

Now here’s something in advance: there are timelines pointing exactly to the next General Conference Session in 2015, telling us that the Church will accept Sunday.

In 2015 the Sunday law will already be established on the earth. That is shocking for many, but the church is not the Adventist organization! The High Sabbath List shows that the Adventist church ceased to exist as an organization by 2012. One additional year of grace was given. That year of grace is over. Then the Father started moving here to us, and He arrived on January 25, 4 or 5 days ago. The Court relocated; the authority has been transferred. This time, there were no harps playing. This time, unmelodious sounds from North America sealed the fate of the Adventist Church.

For those who don’t recognize it—folks, we always need faith. We can talk about it as much as we want. It’s always necessary to show faith! In 2010, there was a UFO on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Was it 2010 or 2011? I don’t remember exactly. There was a super UFO! It was one of the most- watched events on YouTube. A great sign! “Wow, the extraterrestrials are arriving; the Temple Mount will be rebuilt!”—and who knows what else—a great UFO!

That event went through the entire world press. Anyone who expected a UFO to land here today, and Jesus Christ to step out and say “Hello, I am the Holy Ghost!” would have been mistaken. I never thought that it would happen that way. It’s always necessary to show faith. God won’t provide you with proof, but He’ll always challenge you to let the Holy Spirit work in you. Ellen G. White wrote about it. It was in her most-famous little booklet Steps to Christ.

In order to believe, there must be a possibility of doubt; otherwise it would no longer be by faith. This would be another great topic against a false prophet who plans to show the world something special very soon. This is supposed to be the kind of proof that shows he’s a true prophet. Nevertheless, if this evidence would be provided, faith wouldn’t be required anymore. That’s a topic for an article. We’ll meet this prophet more frequently in the coming time, as we know from some timelines that the race for the 144,000 takes place now.

We all know what will happen if one of them is missing from the right side. Then the battle would be lost! Now it’s all about the last 624 days, and in these 624 days the 144,000 must be found and sealed. That’s not much time! It can only happen by the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, because it surely didn’t happen in the first 636 days! Clearly not!

We analyzed the movements. We found the movements of the Father. We found the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the last 624 days. We’ve done detailed studies. These are not small articles; these are in-depth articles. They have a firm foundation and they are based on the Bible. It isn’t possible to explain all of this within the timeframe of a short sermon. Articles have to be written. We found locks—door locks. Doors have been closed for certain groups of individuals—for certain people who believe certain things. We’ll show it, too.

Now let’s look at how these last 624 days are embedded in a wider context.

Last 7 YearsFigure 5 – Overview of the last seven years

Here we see the last 7 years, spanning from October/November 2009 until the coming of Christ in October 2016. We are now a little bit beyond half of the timeframe of this ministry and have reached January 31, this Sabbath. Are you able to see it? 3 locks with 3 timelines, right? Even double locks. If you like, 3 double locks with 6 timelines each. And now there is a yawning chasm beginning on February 1st. A yawning chasm! Is this in harmony with God’s principle of progressive revelation? No! We must have missed something!

Progressive revelation means that we learn MORE details at every step as I get closer to the coming of Christ, and not FEWER details. God doesn’t leave us alone. He comes closer and closer to us. The Holy Spirit’s cooperation with us will increase, especially in the time of the latter rain. Isn’t it so?

This means that since 2009, the latter rain is becoming more intense in a certain way. That’s another way to express it. Today the fourth angel came down in reality; He came down and you’ll see what that means exactly. When the Lord comes down, new light must be given. God is light, and this is all about the light that has to fill the whole world. Light means knowledge, and when it comes to time—because the 144,000 will all know the time—it must have something to do with time knowledge. I could summarize the 7 years up to this point in three expressions or three groups of studies.

One was Orion. We said that Orion is The Book of Seven Seals. The other was the HSL, the High Sabbath List, or The Vessel of Time, and we call it The Book of Seven Thunders. The Bible repeatedly gives hints to both books. I preached and wrote about that. These are the extra-biblical books that weren’t written directly in the Bible.

The 7 seals, for example, have a textual representation in the Bible that has several levels of interpretation—classical seals, seals repeated in the judgment time—but for the judgment time we got more detail about them, namely the year dates.

Can it be that the Bible describes even more, which is now about to be revealed to us? Will we get more details than in the classical interpretation? Is something written in the Bible—No, I don’t want to reveal the secret right now. I have to do it carefully so as not to let the cat out of the bag too soon. Is there something in the Bible that describes something that could give us clues as to what we have to deal with for the next 624 days? Will we find out more details than we’ve ever recognized before?

Can it be that there are secrets in the Bible that haven’t been resolved, and that the clocks are able to help us get more details about a time-truth?

Let’s see where we are right now in the Bible.

I think we are somewhere here in Revelation 7:1. We talked a lot about grace, which sometimes hurts us because of our prophesied fireballs which so often do not fall because grace is given once again.

The King James Bible says in Revelation 7:1, “And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.” It is the time of the plagues when the four angels release. Ellen G. White made that clear. We’re now 624 days before the time of plagues.

I dare say, we are exactly at this point now. In a vision, Ellen G. White saw an angel flying swiftly down—remember?—who waves something up and down in his hand and says, “Hold, hold, hold!” And again “Hold!” until the 144,000 are all sealed.

Revelation 7 then describes the sealing process to us. This must begin now and take place for the 624 days. We have known since January 12, 2013 what this seal is exactly, and we’re able to recognize someone who is sealed.

That’s where we are. What’s the next chapter? We’re at this point now, and I’ll tell you once more why we’re at this point.

Orion ClockTake a look at the original Orion clock. We are at the star that points to 2014. We know that it points to Yom Kippur, 2014. We haven’t reached that point yet. But we know that there must be a “hold” because otherwise the plagues would fall very soon.

The patience of the Father is running out. He has already left the Adventist Church and moved the Court. It’s high time! We have just 624 days, and in a few months on the 6th of October it’ll be exactly one year before the plagues. Then one last “hold” will be uttered for one year by the Lord, the fourth “hold!” that Ellen G. White saw. The fourth star!

It’s really short now; the time is almost up.

So we need a “hold.” We need a special angel, and we still need some warnings.

Our small long-suffering group has warned since 2012 and will continue to warn, but the warnings—and you will see this soon—will now be accompanied by events. This is what Ellen G. White said. At the end, the movement of the fourth angel will be accompanied by signs and wonders, which has not quite been the case yet, although we predicted many different events for 2013, and they happened at the exact times.

Let’s go to the Bible and see how it continues. It continues with the whole story of the tribes, then we find a description of the Orion clock again, and the next topic is in Chapter 8. Here we find the 7th seal.

Attention! Half an hour silence in heaven—we already have an interpretation for this. Half an hour of heavenly time is how long? Seven years are one hour in heavenly time. Half of a heavenly hour is 3½ years or 1260 days. It’s about the judgment of the living. And now we reached the middle of it, as we are now exactly at this 624-day point. Here we are exactly, right in the middle! And what comes next?

And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. (Revelation 8:2)

When are they given to them? During the 7th seal of the last 3½ years, right in the middle of the judgment, they are given trumpets.

To whom are they given? To the 7 angels! Do a search, and enter “seven angels.” If you eliminate all other hits where it found “seven” without “angels”, then you come to Revelation 8, the verse that we just read. Then Revelation 8:6:

And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. (Revelation 8:6)

Then I have Revelation 15:1:

And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God. (Revelation 15:1)

Then another, 15:6:

And the seven angels came out of the temple, having the seven plagues... (Revelation 15:6)

Yes, 15:8 also! We have “seven angels” in connection with trumpets and plagues.

Seven angels.

What could this mean? Let’s return to the question and answer game, and then it will take a while. Which seven angels are standing before God? What in the Bible is a symbol for an angel? The stars... angels... in our Orion study they are the messengers. There we have the four angels that everyone knows, the seraphim with six wings, and we have another two angels at the throne of God—Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, right?

And the Bible says: “He has seven stars in His hand.” This is Jesus and the 7 angels. And they are the seven angels of the churches that have a message for the congregations, right? Well, what kind of message was given by these 7 angels? The Orion message! What were the 7 angels in this context? They were not described there as the 7 angels! The original blueprint for the Orion clock is the throne room vision of Revelation 4. First we have the throne that we must decipher as three thrones, believing in the “three divine Persons.” Correct?

The text mentions only one throne—that was a problem. And then we have the four living creatures, which symbolize the character of Jesus: His character traits. Again, the Orion itself is Jesus, and the number 7 is perfection in Jesus. He is the perfect ambassador, if you will. There are 7 angels before the throne of God. Yes, and where is the throne of God? In the Orion Nebula! And we know that these 7 stars in space are all located in front of the throne. We’ve written an article about that, too. Ernie had a dream that accurately described the order of the stars: the path to the Orion Nebula. These seven stars, these 7 angels, are standing before the throne of God and suddenly they get trumpets within these 3½ years of the last 7th seal. Later they get something else. They get vials with the plagues. What does that mean?

A few days ago we had an idea in the forum. It seems that the Holy Spirit had already begun to work with us. It was after the 25th. We had the idea to check and see if the Orion clock would show even more time ranges in the future.

And one of them was? Yes, we asked ourselves what would happen if we take the 624 days and unroll the clock over these 624 days. And if Jan still remembers—last night or the night before—no, it was yesterday evening before bedtime. Yes, depending on whether you think Gregorian or Jewish it was last night according to our normal reckoning. I found that one of these unrolled date stars points directly to the General Conference Session in 2015—namely Rigel, the ecumenical star. That means that perfect ecumenism will be reached when the Adventist Church accepts the Sunday law. I do not believe that it is mere coincidence that it points exactly to the middle of the General Conference Session, and even to a Sunday.

So, it seems to be correct.

Now, take a look at this chart, and tell me how many dates are included in a complete round of the Orion clock.

At 1846 we certainly have a date—a star, an angel. You have to count the stars. Thus, the second date would be the throne lines of 1865-66, which we take as one date. Then we have 1914 corresponding to a third date. Fourth date (1936)... fifth (1949-50)... sixth date (1986) and we are back at the beginning—seventh date (2014). A complete round has 7 dates.

Ok, what if these were to mark the 7 trumpets?

Is that possible? Is it? It must be so, because it is written in the Bible! If the Lord says something, then it is so.

And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. (Revelation 8:2)

Friends, in the past, they were not symbolized by seven angels. It was more complicated because it had to be hidden for 2000 years. The Book of Revelation was not to be decrypted before 2010. There were no 7 angels before. But now, we know that there are THESE 7 angels. And now, the Bible text itself tells us that the 7 trumpets are given to them, meaning that the dates are now given for the trumpets. Yes, and then there is a second round, right?

And then the same seven angels must show the plagues. Why? Because the Bible says so! They will be given the vials of the plagues. I’d like to give you a hint. Well, first let’s read about the plagues.

Those are in chapters 15 and 16. In 15, they are given to them. We’ve already written about the fact that one of them even triggers the plagues. One of these angels. Betelgeuse! We wrote about it.

And I saw another sign in heaven... (Revelation 15:1)

Where did Ellen G. White say that John saw his vision? In the firmament! He wasn’t escorted to the third heaven to watch a movie in the Garden of Eden on a panoramic screen—like some might imagine. He didn’t get a vision falling down or trembling, lying on the ground as if dead, and then receive pictures in his brain. No, Ellen G. White clearly said that he saw everything in the firmament. As an Adventist, you have to ponder that; it was the starry sky where he saw it. And yet he was no astrologer! How can that be? How can Ellen G. White say something like that? Well, I’m mocking a bit; I shouldn’t.

And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God. (Revelation 15:1)

Thus, we can also know the exact day for the falling of each plague now, because it is indicated by the Orion clock. Every single date of each plague, and even more. We will have to make a study group for this subject because it is so big and complex. Now we can know everything—even the dates.

Let’s read about the two witnesses.

These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man will hurt them, [Next is what everybody wants:] fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed. [This is about death: trumpets and plagues.] These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, [We find this in the second and third trumpet and in the second and third plague.] and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will. (Revelation 11:4-6)

What does this mean? It is just like the biblical language “the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart.”

Sure, the Lord wanted to save even Pharaoh and did not harden his heart. Pharaoh hardened his own heart before the Lord. We have to understand these verses in the same way. They have the power to smite with plagues. We have the power to tell WHEN each plague will fall.

Do we smite with plagues? I wouldn’t even want to do that. Of course not! But now we have the power and the authority to tell everyone WHEN every single trumpet and every single plague will fall on them.

This is the authority that we received today. We are able to decipher the last two series of 7 in the Bible.

That was a big secret! I’ll tell you something else. We had some friends who wrote us e-mails, and some were insistent in a really funny way that I send them my study of the trumpets. I always replied: “I have no study of the trumpets!”

In fact, I prepared only one slide of the Orion presentation when I realized... oh, the trumpets probably align somehow to these pie slices, which then correspond to particular war scenarios.

Anyway, my personal approach to the trumpets was to stay away from them. Quite simply, they are punishments for the non-believers; they are mostly world events: wars, natural disasters, etc. The trumpets don’t directly have to do with the church.

Due to the blueprint—the marches around Jericho—we know that the priests have always blown the trumpets. So for each time period represented by one march around Jericho, there were different interpretations for the 7 trumpets. So there are not only two interpretations for the trumpets as Walter Veith says. Each era of mankind had its own interpretation of the trumpets, and maybe two or three others, because everyone hears a different sound.

Trumpets are a dime a dozen. Let’s count: 6 marches in the first 6 days plus 7 marches on the last day. That is 13 times 7 trumpets per march. Those are enough trumpets! That’s why when someone asks me, “Send me your trumpet study!” I answer: “That’s not easy. Which one of the many in existence would you like?” I don’t have a special one.

Now, however, I can satisfy those people at last, because now I have one. That’s what I received today. The authority to say, “These trumpets will fall on this date, and at this time, and at this time, and the plagues on that, and that, and that date.” This is the authority that is now given in visible form, and it’s no picnic anymore, because now it gets serious. Now predicted events go hand in hand with unpleasant world events, disasters, wars and whatever. And these are the things that the Lord gives to accompany us; these are the signs which Ellen G. White spoke of, that help us and usher in the second phase of the loud cry when even God shows that patience ends now.

He has not only changed the Court venue, but now it gets troublesome on this earth. “The party’s over”, one could say.

Every student of prophecy should know that the trumpets are punishments with grace. That’s why the trumpets mention destruction of only a third part, and not everything. The plagues come without that limitation. They destroy everything. They are poured out without mercy. The trumpets are still warnings. But they are the last warnings, and many will die—but still with grace—and then the plagues destroy without mercy.

Now let’s have a look at these dates and how nicely they fit. Of course, due to the short preparation time I could not study everything in-depth. Please keep that in mind.

The Seven TrumpetsTable 1 – The Seven Trumpets (Please read the footnote at the end of the article!)

Table 1 lists the 7 trumpets. It is calculated from these 624 days that we still have until the end of probation. That said, we believe that these days begin today, Sabbath, January 31 to February 1, 2014. I have noted there: “Beginning of the Race.” You know that it’s about a race—Who will seal the 144,000? Will they be sealed by a false prophet with a false seal? Or will they understand what the real seal is through a study group that works analytically according to the Bible and through the Holy Spirit?

It’s about diligent study vs. following an impostor in blind faith. And this is where the last battle will be decided—between two ministries on this earth. It’s the beginning of the race. The prelude to this race between the false prophet Ernie Knoll and this study group is already the first trumpet. After nearly a year of silence and just defending himself in some videos where he always repeats “I am the true prophet, I am the true prophet,” we know that Ernie Knoll will announce for the first time tomorrow that he has a new message.

He makes the announcement: The war begins! As I said, trumpets are warnings with grace; they are wars. And wars are about people, lives and land. And that’s the point.

Ernie Knoll is the prophet of the fireballs. Do you remember the words of the first trumpet? How does it read?

The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. (Revelation 8:7)

I already told you the interpretation. In the world, there is a very special country which is called “earth.” It is the United States, and especially the inhabited United States. In Revelation 12, it was still uninhabited and called “wilderness.” Now it’s the “earth” which is inhabited land—official Adventist interpretation—and in the first trumpet, which took place between 1844 and 1914, it was the Civil War in the U.S.

It’s probably about the U.S. again. What is the geographical target of Ernie Knoll? The U.S.! And he tries to steal the people who belong to God in this area first. The first war will take place there, and we know that today on this Sabbath he will make a big announcement. In our time zone it will be tomorrow at about 4 p.m.

Although what he says sounds ridiculous, it has been written by his followers. He apparently claims to have had a dream several months ago in which he was told that he and his wife Becky would soon be escorted away by angels to a lonely island. They would get special training there to start the final battle—to start the final race. Now, witnesses from among his followers purport to have seen him a few weeks later—which is now about 3½ weeks ago—in the morning hours when he was still in his house, when suddenly he vanished. Now he claims to have been actually escorted away by angels to this island, where he even reached the throne of God. And now he will give his flock instructions on what to do and how to follow him. Today we will learn—on this present Jewish day—what the starting signal to begin the final battle is exactly.

This hail mixed with blood will now fall upon the United States. Friends, I can’t tell you if another event will happen tomorrow. I can’t tell you what will happen within this time range, which is a pie slice again.

Indeed, if we look at the table, the second trumpet would be the first throne line. It points directly to the General Conference Spring Meeting week. It is precisely the General Conference Spring Meeting week, which always takes place in April and lasts for a week. It’s the range of time between February 1, 2014 and April 11, 2014 when “something” could happen: war, problems—probably in the United States. I would say: riots, hunger problems.

This is to be expected! We are close to February 7, friends! The roof is about to be taken away again. It must be taken away. We reached the debt ceiling of the United States again. The United States might default on February 7. That could ruin the world. That has nothing to do with the US budget, which is already covered since they print out enough money for it. The problem is that the global economy might collapse because of the United States. And that could mean hail with blood for many. Just recently, I saw some YouTube videos where it was said that bank managers plunged to their death. We are back to the time of 1928 and Black Friday. They are committing suicide now. Mannarino said, “Whew, I do not know what’s going on! The gold that I always recommend didn’t lose so much value that they would jump out the windows!” Indeed, they already know what is happening! They start jumping out of the windows before it happens, because they know what’s coming!

There will be a terrible crisis for humanity and if the trumpet repeats in a similar way, we will have something like civil war in the United States within this time frame. It could fit!

What I can tell you is what the Bible text says, and that is highly symbolic in the trumpets. It had to fit for how many trumpets? Tens of trumpets. Let’s say...91 trumpets? Well, 13 first-trumpets. It had to fit for all time frames, so the text had to be very symbolic. I personally believe that the text will have a more literal fulfillment the nearer we get to the end. Then you will know the symbols already, and it gets more literal.

So, I guess it will be something that takes place in the United States. And the fact that Ernie Knoll makes his announcement exactly on the 1st of February and starts a new message is not mere coincidence! There is no doubt: this is about the last battle, and it starts on that very day.

I got the new light last night, and I am preaching my second public sermon on this exact day after more than half a year. The battle has begun! It’s a race. And it’s not like we previously believed—that the race would be delayed by one year. It’s starting exactly on the same day. Both ministries start to run simultaneously. It’s really about the faithful servants of God now. Well, you see the data for yourself. I won’t talk about it today.

Perhaps, I’ll show you some basics. I already talked about the first day. What is the last day of the 624 if we use Jewish inclusive reckoning? We come to Sabbath, October 17, 2015. It’s the seventh trumpet and therefore the last day of Jesus’ intercession. He probably leaves the Most Holy Place on this day and puts on His royal garments. We don’t know if it will happen on this exact day or seven days later. We only know that the door of grace for mankind will have closed by then. If you read the 7th trumpet, what does it say?

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. (Revelation 11:15)

Almost everybody puts this at the very end, on the day of the coming, but it’s not necessarily so. There’s no evidence for it in the text. It just says that the world empires belong to Him now. When will they really belong to Him, anyway? When grace is over and the judgment is finished. Then it will be decided. On that day, the decision will be made: Did we seal 144,000 for Jesus or not?

The Bible says that we will do it, yes! But we must not assume that there is nothing for us to do, and say “Oh, it will happen no matter what!” We shouldn’t be fatalists, like many are, saying “I don’t need to do anything because it’s already decided!” We have a great work to do! We will accomplish it with all our power and with the power of the Holy Spirit, because the power of human beings is not enough to succeed to the point that the 7th trumpet can finally state: Yes, the kingdoms of the world belong to the Lord. Now, just the plagues still need to fall to destroy everything so He can come.

This is a perfect interpretation of the 7th trumpet. I don’t have to overlap it with the plagues, and I don’t have to put it at the end, at the coming of Jesus. I can let it go until the day of decision. You know from Revelation 22 that nothing changes anymore. Those who are holy remain holy and those who are filthy remain filthy. There is not one soul whose character can be changed in the time of the plagues. But please don’t see this as fatalistic either!

Those were the key points.

I already said that the 6th trumpet points exactly to the middle—even to SUNDAY, July 5, 2015—of the General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas. We will have to study all of this in detail in the near future. We will have to find out how these trumpet verses harmonize with the individual events that we can recognize thus far. That’s not my job today! Probably we’ll have to elaborate on it with a series of articles. We’ve gotten the first rays of new light, but not yet all of it!

The seven plagues.

We know when the first plague will fall, and it’s not hard to unroll the clock. There’s just one little difficulty: when will the last plague fall? The beginning we know: it’s Sunday, October 25, 2015. It’s the gamma-ray burst that we described in a series of three articles. So, how long do we let the clock run?

It’s about the seven plagues. It’s not about the second coming! Is the second coming of Jesus Christ the 7th plague? Before you answer, first you have to read what the 7th plague is. We need to find out how long the whole thing runs. Back to the Bible text!

And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done. And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. (Revelation 16:17-18)

Ok, someone could say that’s describing what Ellen G. White saw in the time of the last 7 days. Let’s see if it’s true that it could be just 7 days beforehand.

And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. (Revelation 16:19)

What is Babylon? Yes, well, let’s say quite simply the New World Order together with the New World religion (URI), and now it is divided. Three frogs had combined: the dragon, the beast and fallen Protestantism! Three parts! And these disintegrate again, because first Rome was destroyed. The 7th plague is the destruction of Babylon, the New World Order.

And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great. (Revelation 16:20-21)

As soon as Jesus is visible in the cloud, no one blasphemes anymore. The Bible tells us that they fall at our feet and worship and say, “You always had the truth!” But here, they still blaspheme. Thus the 7th plague is before the coming of Jesus, and we already have the exact date. Let’s take a look at our overview timeline:

Overview of Last Day Events

There you’ll even find the exact date for the end of the 1290 and the 1260 days in the pinkish area that shows the events on the earth and ends 30 days before the coming of Jesus, on September 24, 2016. If you take this as the end date, you get a perfect harmony in the timelines again.

It’s a number, indeed 336 days, which is perfectly divisible by the 24-hours of the Orion clock resulting in 14 days or 2 weeks per hour. I especially like this number 336 because it is 2 times 168, and 168 is the Orion formula. It’s a perfect harmony, how the clock face of Orion now shows us the date of each plague.

The Seven PlaguesTable 2 – The Seven Last Plagues (Please read the footnote at the end of the article!

In my short study, I already recognized something nice. The throne of the beast will be darkened in the 5th plague, and—having already checked a little bit—I see that the plagues avenge precisely those things that the Adventist Church had done wrong in the original Orion study. That is amazing! Thus, we’ll soon write a great article about this. These are exactly the things that they’ve done wrong.

For example, at the throne line where He points to the right (with His left hand) they have denigrated the nature of Jesus. The nature of Jesus is shown by a throne line. “You pushed me off My throne! You told them that I had an advantage—that nobody is able to keep My commandments—that I supposedly had an advantage, and my human nature was merely divine.” That’s what it’s all about. In that way, they pushed Him off the throne. And now He pushes whom from the throne? He darkens the throne of the beast. Wow! That is stated in exactly this plague. The throne is darkened—shown by a throne line.

So, there are many parallels especially in the plagues.

Here’s another example. Let’s get started.

First plague: ulcers—gamma-ray burst. What will happen? Who gets this plague? This plague will affect those who accept the mark of the beast. Ok, and what is the mark of Jesus? What does the first star point to? To the Sabbath! You have the choice! Do what Orion originally tells you, and keep the Sabbath, and be saved, or take the mark of the beast and be smitten by the gamma-ray burst.

It’s wonderful, the plagues—wow! We will certainly discover great things in the trumpets, but the plagues are incredible how they harmonize.

Second plague: the sea becomes as the blood of a dead man. What are the dead? Are they clean or unclean according to Leviticus? What about the dead? Are you allowed to touch a dead body? They are unclean. Where was the throne line pointing to with Jesus’ right arm? To the health message! Don’t touch unclean things! Distinguish between pure and impure food! What does He give them now? He gives them a sea as the blood of a dead man—unclean.

Third plague: the fountains of water become blood.

And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. (Revelation 16:4-5)

What have they done?

For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy. (Revelation 16:6)

Which star points to this plague? Betelgeuse! It was always the star of the sacrifice; it was always the star that pointed to killing and persecution. The red star—blood! It was always the red horse that brought persecution of the apostolic church by the Romans. It has always been the star of persecution: “For [you] have shed the blood of [My] saints and prophets” and now I will shed your blood! It fits perfectly!

What else do we have?

Fourth plague: the sun is darkened. What star is it? The black horse! First they darkened the pure gospel of Jesus, now He darkens the sun, moon and stars for them. A terrible darkness comes upon the earth—a physical darkness, I think. There’s a physical darkness coming upon the earth. He will take away all the light. Nuclear war? I don’t know.

Fifth plague: we already talked about the throne of the beast.

Sixth plague: drying up the Euphrates, paving the way for the Kings of the east. We know there are three coming, right? The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

And we also discussed the seventh plague. 30 days before the coming of Jesus, the destruction of the whole New World Order, completely. How was the New World Order built? Under the star of ecumenism, the star that came before! This star is dried up beforehand and then destroyed.

Now you know the dates. I see quite a few Sabbaths there, at least at the end of the list.

THIS is the new light. We receive the power to predict and prophesy.

In Revelation 11, God says it even harder. He says we will even smite with the plagues. Great, they will blame it all on us anyway. Then we can say it too. We’ll get blamed for everything anyway. So be it! Imagine there’s a group of people on this earth who predict each and every plague exactly to the date. Of course they will say, “You smite with the plagues! You are provoking God to make this happen!” It is because they’ll be foolish. The Holy Spirit will have withdrawn completely by that time.

Ok, friends, that was my short sermon today about a completely new subject, and the summary of old subjects. Starting today, we’ll be working hard again. The many, many—I don’t know how many—hundreds of posts and articles that have been written, especially by our industrious Robert, who always summarizes in perfectly written form what I work out with you in the morning services. He is even an artist. I discovered yesterday that Robert is an artist. I didn’t know. I thought he can just program timelines and curves. He is even a great artist! Wow, I never would have believed it! His pencil drawings are great. I think we are entering a totally new creative phase. Maybe we can even get a few drawings posted. I would like it very much. So we’ve become a good team—humble, serious workers. Everyone has his part here. Our women provide us with perfect and good food. We cannot complain about our good vegetarian food. Jan works diligently until he faints. Just like Pascal, our “cowboy”—here it is “vaquero.” And the soul of the whole project: our Gerhard—yes indeed, without him we would have drowned in work a long time ago. He has so many skills, and is also a great teacher. Last but not least, I want to mention my wife who is my helpmeet and really works a lot here.

So, it’s no walk in the park, but I think it’s what the Bible describes. We can still laugh a lot, despite the hard times, the worries and the monetary problems because God shows us again and again that He’s still with us. In the deepest, darkest and saddest moments, when we think we won’t see the light anymore because of sheer disappointment the Lord gives light in such a large measure, in such abundance like today that we can say: “Now we have strength again!” Stand fast for another 624 days!

The light that is now given must provide enough material for us to publish the last warnings. And this time, we know that each and every warning will be accompanied by events. That should give us a lot of encouragement. That should encourage us to firmly believe that the 144,000 can be found, and then it will be THEIR turn. For that, they will need all the knowledge they could read and study beforehand.

Don’t just sit back and read, but really start calculating some astronomical times. That’s better than just reading. Do it! Do it for yourself! Get to know God! Try to understand: if God does so much with time, there must be more to it!

They need to get the amount of the Holy Spirit that will seal one of the 144,000. First they must have sighed and cried, then they must stay faithful to the Sabbath, then they have to do their studies diligently, and then they will be sealed. It isn’t done by us, but by the Holy Spirit in the time of the latter rain that has begun and will last for another 624 days from today.

Dear Father in heaven, we are grateful that You have accompanied us to the beginning of the last 624 days. We give you thanks for all of the much light You’ve poured out on me since 2003/2004 and on Your church especially since 2009/ 2010, oh Lord. We pray that You may help each and every one to recognize this light, to accept it and to see it just as wonderful and glorious as we do. It is a glorious light; it is the light of Your glory, of Your throne and of Your Holy Spirit, who should accompany us in all these difficult but yet so wonderful days when we see how everything that has been prophesied for so many thousands of years finally comes to pass.

Lord, we ask You for a great blessing. Bless not only this group, but especially the members of the study forum, who also work diligently together with us and have already given us lots of good ideas, and are very interested. Lord, make them faithful leaders and wise teachers. Oh Lord, we plead for the 144,000 that they will accept the light, understand it and will be guided by the Holy Spirit. We thank you for our brother Aquiles, who receives dreams and—I could not mention it today—has seen in a dream last night three high-voltage cables feeding our little ministry car that drives in the race and we know that these three high-voltage lines are representing the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Father. Thank You for this!

Lord, be with the martyrs who have yet to give their physical lives, and let the 144,000 recognize that they too must be willing to offer an extremely great sacrifice, which they still do not know about. All this we ask in the glorious and wonderful name of the One who was wounded for us, our Jesus-Alnitak. Amen!



For my sermon on January 31, 2014, I had very little preparation time since I had received the new light about the Orion trumpet and plague cycles just the night before. Therefore, I prepared two date tables for the trumpet and plague cycles which were based on approximations from the judgment cycle at a resolution of 168 units. At that time, we still had no computational method for the more accurate resolutions of the Orion clock with 624 or 336 days.

As part of the work on the new series of articles, we’ve now developed a highly accurate method for determining the dates in all Orion cycles. This resulted in minor changes from 1 to 3 days on a few of the dates in comparison to the tables shown in the sermon of January 31, 2014. The corrected charts for the trumpet and plague cycles are published in the download section of our homepage. As always, you can download the charts in two qualities - for screen presentations or for printing posters.

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