The Last Countdown

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From the Orion study, we know that the Holy City is most likely in the Orion Nebula. Ellen G. White spoke about this nebula when she mentioned the “open space” where the voice of God comes from and the Holy City will descend from. The Holy City is not in a black hole outside of our universe like some people believe as a result of misinterpreting Ellen G. White’s statement. In reality, it is in the Orion Nebula veiled from our eyes. We will gather there in 2016 to receive our crowns. Apart from Ellen G. White’s brief mention of it, we have no other confirmation from God for it. Or has this already been confirmed by the dreams of Ernie Knoll? And if so, where and how?

Ever since the dream Two Cars of March 12, 2010, not long after my Orion studies were published in January of the same year, I pondered a certain part of the dream a lot...

Next the Herald says he is to take me somewhere special. Instantly I am with Jesus. He is holding my right hand as we walk through a corridor that is not straight. We turn right for a ways, then left, right and left again. The corridor does not have regular square walls or a ceiling. Instead they appear as mirrors of different sizes and shapes and are placed at different angles. We continue on in silence, turn and begin walking straight, then descend down a walkway. We enter into what I think is a very, very large room but yet at the same time I know it is not a room. It is as if I am seeing our galaxy where our planet would be. I see what appear to be many, many more mirrors. There are even small dime-sized mirrors placed in different areas. All the mirrors do not have a flat surface but are rounded in one way or another and are not sharp or hard. I am made to know that the mirrors are not really mirrors. The floor is very soft to walk on.

As we come into the large area, it is filled with things that I do not have human words with which to describe. I feel awed as I look around. We stop and I am placed so that the walkway and corridor we just came from is behind me. Suddenly the room begins to glow with a brightness that illuminates the area. It is a beauty that again I cannot explain. I am made to understand that because of my sinful state, His brightness must be kept very low. If there was a knob that could be turned to allow the brightness, in which 0 is off and 10 is on high, the knob would be at a setting of 0.00000005.

I immediately recognized the very large room in the last part of this quote as the Great Orion Nebula. It was clear that Jesus wanted to indicate the nebula when He made Ernie feel that “the floor is very soft to walk on”. I also understood that there was something in the description of the directions that would clearly indicate that we are in Orion. Armed with nothing but my Orion photo, I tried to decipher how we would “pass by” the seven stars in such a way that we would turn “right, left, right, and left again, then turn another time, walk straight and descend down a “walkway” to get into the Orion Nebula.

From the beginning, I also understood that the “mirrors” (which “are not really mirrors”) symbolize the stars of the Orion constellation because stars are “round” and reflect the character of Jesus. The small dime-sized mirrors in the Orion Nebula are also significant. As you probably already know, the Orion Nebula is a very special place. Astronomers describe it as a “stellar nursery” because the stars of the universe are born there in a marvelous way. In it, we find the youngest stars of the universe, and many are still in their embryonic stage just about to ignite. Please, search for YouTube videos about it! It is fascinating to watch Jesus create. This also answers the question of whether creation will continue after sin is eradicated from the universe. Jesus is the Life, and He is the Creator. The Life cannot exist without giving life.

All of my attempts to decipher the directions in this dream were unsuccessful, however, until July 18, 2011. Maybe I had prayed too little about it, or maybe it was reserved for the moment when Becky and Ernie would deny in writing any association between Orion and the dreams of Ernie. In their reply to one of our brothers who admonished them for changing the dreams, they said that Orion has nothing to do with the throne of God, not in the statements of Ellen G. White, neither in the Bible, nor in the dreams.

On July 15, 2011, Becky Knoll wrote the following to this brother:

The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy never state that heaven is in Orion. In the Bible, Job is simply using Orion (as well as Pleiades--the seven stars) as illustrations. The quote below [Ellen G. White in Early Writings] is simply stating that the Holy City will come down through an open space in Orion. In other words, heaven is beyond Orion. We are not told where heaven is. That is God's secret right now. We should not make more of Orion than what God does.

Of course this was another proof of how little the Knolls understand what Ernie dreams, and it was a really pathetic display of faulty interpretation of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. But I must admit that such openly flaunted ignorance makes me think, and I wondered how we could help these brethren and their ministry out of their spiritual darkness and their prejudices which stem from neglected Bible study.

So I prayed about it intensively for several days. As it so often happens, an idea came to me in an unexpected moment. The still small voice told me “You know that all of the stars of Orion are actually at different distances from us. The Orion is not flat like in your photograph, but everything is arranged in three-dimensional space. You yourself posted a video on YouTube about it. So far, you’ve only tried to draw lines on the photo, but the picture is only two dimensional. In open space, everything looks quite different. What if Jesus had taken Ernie on that voyage to show all of you exactly WHERE the Holy City and He Himself are? What if Ernie traveled at the hand of Jesus through all seven star systems that constitute the Orion study, from the relatively nearest star to Earth to the next and so on until he ultimately reached the Great Hall in the Orion Nebula? Then the directions described in the dream would correspond to the positions of all of the stars of Orion relative to each other. Then you would all know that Jesus Himself had confirmed Orion as the throne of God. Check it!”

Of course, we all know that the Orion with the Orion Nebula is a symbol; a symbol for the throne room, which actually resides in the Holy City, but is hidden from our view. I always emphasize this in the studies. This last e-mail that I have from the Knolls is one more piece of evidence that they never read the complete Orion study or any other study of mine. Becky says in writing to the brother:

Either John is of God and Ernie is not or John is not of God and Ernie is. We believe the latter. ... When we read on John’s website that he is promoting time-setting, we did not waste time reading the rest of the website. If you see blatant error and then continue reading the rest, you will become confused or convinced that it is all truth when it is not. Satan is most deceptive when he mixes truth and error.

So, they think that my studies are from Satan, and therefore they reject everything. They refuse to even look at the studies. They thereby transgress the biblical principle: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good!” They, however, challenge others to prove Ernie’s dreams with the Bible. I give you the same counsel. Prove especially “The Boardroom” dream and all dreams from number 47 onward. The Boardroom dream is in the Introduction to the “Truth Book”; compare it with Chapter 10 of the book and see when he had the dream. He had it at the time of his first fall when he was still under the influence of Satan.

On the subject of time-setting, I found a harmonious explanation as to why the warnings of the Spirit of Prophecy on this subject were effective only until the time of the coming of Jesus. This time began with the outpouring of the first drops of the latter rain when the second and true midnight cry began to sound. I wrote many articles about that in the Day and Hour section. I especially recommend The Power of the Father and A Word of Advice.

Let’s come back to Ernie’s journey at the hand of Jesus. I noticed from the beginning that there were exactly seven segments to the path which could fit with the seven stars of Orion as the “junctions”. Let’s carefully read the description of the directions again:

Instantly I am with Jesus. He is holding my right hand as we walk through a corridor [1] that is not straight. We turn right for a ways [2] , then left [3], right [4] and left again [5] . The corridor does not have regular square walls or a ceiling. Instead they appear as mirrors of different sizes and shapes and are placed at different angles. We continue on in silence, turn and begin walking straight [6] , then descend down a walkway [7] . We enter into what I think is a very, very large room but yet at the same time I know it is not a room.

When I got the idea to test these seven segments with the stars of Orion in three-dimensional space, my first thought was that this “theory” could only be true if the Orion Nebula is actually farther away than all of the seven stars that make up the Orion constellation in the studies. That alone was a probability of 8 to 1 against my idea. And then, of course, all the junctions and other parts of the dream would have to match in perfect harmony. If it were so, the probability that this were pure coincidence would be extremely low. Such a route description is like a fingerprint of the constellation and identifies it uniquely. If the route description would fit, it would be clear evidence that Ernie had been led by Jesus through the whole Orion constellation all the way to the Orion Nebula.

First of all, I had to consult the Internet to make a table of the stellar distances. Soon it became clear to me that even the astronomers have big problems to measure the true stellar distances exactly. Error margins up to 20% are not uncommon, and this plays a role in deciphering the directions as we shall see.

Table 1 lists the distances based on the data from Wikipedia. The distance to the Orion Nebula was taken from another Wikipedia article.

NameIn the Orion studyDistance
1BellatrixLeft hand of Jesus243 ly
2BetelgeuseRight hand of Jesus643 ly
3SaiphRight foot of Jesus722 ly
4RigelLeft foot of Jesus773 ly
5AlnitakThrone of Jesus818 ly
6MintakaThrone of the Holy Spirit916 ly
7AlnilamThrone of God the Father1342 ly
8Orion NebulaLocation of the Holy City1350 ly

The distances are given in light-years (ly).

If you consider the rather wide error margins and compare the distances with the hundreds of other websites that give many different distances, it can be seen at first glance reading the table that there are two pairs of the stars at similar distances where it is not perfectly clear which of the two stars is actually closer to Earth:

  1. Rigel (± 130 ly) and Saiph (± 28 ly)
  2. Alnitak (± 160 ly) and Mintaka (± 210 ly)

It’s quite astonishing that all seven stars of the Orion constellation are less than 1400 light-years away from us. All of them are very near in astronomical terms. All of the stars except Betelgeuse are very young—just a few million years old—and they are all giants in the heavens. You will find out more about that in the article series entitled The Wrath of God.

If you look at the table, it is also interesting that the middle of the belt stars, “Alnilam,” the throne of the Father, has almost the same distance as the Orion Nebula that is positioned exactly underneath. In the table they have only 8 light-years distance, which is truly just a “walkway” in astronomical terms.

It is also obvious from looking at the table that the journey must begin with Bellatrix, the star that corresponds to the wound on the left hand of Jesus. At this point, I immediately noticed that the dream even hints at which star the travel should begin with:

Next the Herald says he is to take me somewhere special. Instantly I am with Jesus. He is holding my right hand as we walk through a corridor that is not straight.

At the moment when the journey begins, Ernie jumps a huge distance of 243 light years and is “instantly with Jesus.” How should we understand that? Those who know the Orion study should know it immediately. The Orion constellation shows the wounds of Jesus (the four hand and foot stars and the Orion Nebula) and the Ark of the Covenant, before which Jesus stands as the High Priest (the three belt stars or thrones of the three Persons of the Divine Council). In Orion, we are shown the scene that takes place in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary, where Jesus ministers as our intercessor during the investigative judgment that began in 1844. Therefore, Orion is the judgment clock, which indicates the quickly-approaching end of the judgment. Those who haven’t understood these points yet should carefully review slides 169-178 of the Orion presentation.

Now we understand that the journey doesn’t begin on Earth, but in Orion, because Ernie is “instantly with Jesus”. Then the text says exactly at which star the journey begins: “He is holding my right hand”. If someone walks with you and holds your right hand, which of his hands is he giving you? The answer is clear: his left hand!

The star which represents the left hand of Jesus is Bellatrix according to the Orion study, at the top right of the Orion constellation. Please remember that Jesus “raised His right hand” to proclaim the health message (1865 and 1866, the left side of the throne lines from our point of view; see slides 138-139 of the Orion presentation) and Jesus showed the Father the wound of His right hand in 1914, when during World War I the brethren began to betray one another. Hence the other raised hand is His left hand, which reminds us of 1936, the Hitler era, when the Church made compromises with the state. Later He pointed to the years 1949 and 1950 with this left hand at the falsification of the doctrine of His nature, and the second rejection of the light of the fourth angel (see slides 133-137 of the Orion presentation).

And with this left hand of Jesus, which already once had to do with the fourth angel, Ernie begins his three-dimensional journey through the Orion constellation. Ernie does not understand anything, although he has the privilege of touching Jesus’ hand and wound in the dream. What a pity, dear brother Ernie, and how much shame will you feel one day, when all of this is revealed to you and you realize that instead of revising your beliefs, you attacked another servant of God for no reason.

The table shows us that the closest star to Earth and the star farthest to the Orion Nebula is undoubtedly Bellatrix, the left hand of Jesus. Exactly with this hand, Jesus takes the right hand of Ernie to begin the journey. Can all of this be coincidence? We will discover more wonderful things if we continue with this short study.

Try it for yourself! Take an Orion photo and try to follow the route description from the dream text starting at Bellatrix (or from any other star). For starters, it’s enough to try to fit the “right, left, right, left” text. You will probably mull it over it in vain like I did... for a long time... as long as you draw lines in the two-dimensional space of the Orion photo. But in reality, Orion is not just two-dimensional like the photo and our astronomically untrained brain suggests. All of the stars of Orion are in reality positioned in three-dimensional space and therefore we need the distance table from the beginning of this article to find out the order of the stars as milestones on the journey. You have to start to think “three-dimensional”!

First, let’s think over where we are exactly at the beginning of the dream. Jesus already gave His left hand to Ernie and the text says that both are walking together in a corridor. This corridor is the imaginary line between two “mirrors”, thus stars, that are positioned relative to each other at certain angles. The next nearest star in the table is the red supergiant Betelgeuse, which will play a major role in end-time events. That was also confirmed in the “Two Cars” dream, which I still want to withhold (see the series The Wrath of God).

First, Ernie and Jesus are walking along the “corridor” between Bellatrix and Betelgeuse. As soon as they arrive at Betelgeuse, they must turn right according to the dream text: “We turn right for a ways…”.

To “turn right” in three-dimensional space, considering the Orion photo on our computer screen, we need to imagine, for example, that Bellatrix lies in front of our monitor, Betelgeuse on our screen and Rigel behind. A “right turn” in three-dimensional space would always mean to turn to a star that is on the right side of an imaginary axis through the junction star. And vice versa, a “left turn” is always a turn to a star located on the left side of the imaginary axis through the junction star.

Our first junction is shown in the picture below. We are at the junction star “Betelgeuse”, and according to the astronomical table we have to turn right either to Rigel or Saiph because they are the nearest stars on our trip. Both are to the right from the imaginary axis drawn through Betelgeuse. Both are possible next milestones. We need to find out through the dream text, which is indeed the nearest star on the journey, because the probability of error in the distances given by the astronomers for these two stars is too high:

Orion Travel Station 1

If we would turn right at Betelgeuse to Saiph, we would thereafter have to turn from Saiph to Rigel, because this would be the next star after Saiph on the journey... Let’s try it...

Orion Travel Station 2

According to the dream, we would have to turn left from Saiph to Rigel. This is not possible because Rigel is at the right of the imaginary axis through our junction star “Saiph”. So the path must be reversed. It’s good that the astronomers admitted a high probability of error. Jesus, the true Creator of Orion knows the exact distances of the stars and navigates Ernie perfectly on the path to the Orion Nebula. Therefore, we can do it in the correct way...

We turn right at Betelgeuse (first right turn of the dream text) and get to the next junction star “Rigel”:

Orion Travel Station 3

Please keep in mind that if you draw lines between “Bellatrix and Betelgeuse” and “Betelgeuse and Rigel” in the photo, it would look like a left turn, but if you imagine that Bellatrix lies in front of Betelgeuse and Rigel is behind Betelgeuse, then it is in fact a right turn! The three-dimensional way of thinking is very tricky!

Exactly as the dream text tells us, we now turn left to Saiph (first left turn of the dream text) and arrive at the next junction:

Orion Travel Station 4

Now we must turn to the right for the second time and are back to the same small problem as before. Mintaka and Alnitak are roughly equidistant and the error margins overlap. This time, we think ahead and consider that we must afterward immediately turn left. So, only a right-turn to Mintaka is possible, since we would not be able to turn left from Alnitak to Mintaka. And again Jesus corrects a little error of the astronomers, who had already admitted a high probability of error.

Orion Travel Station 5

At Mintaka, we turn left the second time, exactly as the dream text says, and come to the junction star “Alnitak”. I like the dream text very much, which says:

We continue on in silence, turn and begin walking straight, then descend down a walkway.

From the arrival at Mintaka, Ernie and Jesus walk on in silence. Why? Please imagine where they are walking! They are walking along the pathway of thrones, comprised of the three stars that represent the Holy Spirit (Mintaka), the Son (Alnitak) and the Father (Alnilam). They marked the “throne lines” in the Orion presentation. Remember the dream “Reference My Sanctuary.” No disrespectful noise is to be heard in the throne room. Everyone is silent and says nothing unless God the Father speaks to them.

Upon arrival to Alnitak, the throne of Jesus, we must “turn”. It is not specified whether we should turn right or left. As we are walking along the throne lines, it is clear from our two-dimensional photography that there must be a turn to the throne of God Father, which we just passed by when we went from Mintaka to Alnitak. To “turn” is correct in the sense of a new right turn, because Alnilam, the star of the Father’s throne, is further away than Alnitak and Mintaka. Some astronomers give Alnilam an even greater distance than the distance of the Orion Nebula. So we could also understand a “turn” in the sense of a direction change from forward to backward movement.

So we “turn” to Alnilam and from there “descend down a walkway” to the very, very large room, the large open space which Ellen G. White spoke of: the Orion Nebula. Many solar systems with all of their orbiting bodies would easily find space in the Great Orion Nebula which has a diameter of 30 light-years.

Orion Travel Station 6

It is incredible how closely the dream text fits. The Orion Nebula is neither right nor left of the throne star of the Father “Alnilam”. It is right under it. Even the latest astronomical measurements give almost the same distances from the earth for Alnilam and the Orion Nebula. It is really a “descent” to the Orion Nebula, the sea of glass of Revelation 4.

The next picture shows the stars of the Orion constellation as viewed from above. You can easily see the right and left turns in this view as you follow the red route line starting from Bellatrix at the bottom nearest Earth and going to the Orion Nebula at the top. The descent from Alnilam down into the nebula is not obvious in this view since Alnilam is directly above the nebula. In technical terms, the concentric circles of the grid indicate distances from the earth at 100 light-year intervals, while the radial lines indicate Right Ascension angles at half-hour (30 minute) intervals.

Travel Itinerary to the Orion Nebula

A dear brother who is a mechanical engineer used a 3D design program to prepare a beautiful model of the journey. The animation shows the model of the path through the seven stars of Orion to the nebula. It begins as viewed from Earth with the stars in their usual configuration. First, it is spun around the vertical axis so that the distances of the stars are seen on the horizontal. Second, it is spun around the horizontal axis so that the distances are seen on the vertical, briefly passing through the configuration shown in the figure above. Finally, it is spun on an arbitrary axis. On the model you can see that dream text and reality match perfectly.

Do you still believe that Becky and Ernie Knoll's statements are correct that the Orion has “absolutely nothing” to do with the Bible, with Ellen G. White, and even less with Ernie's dreams? Whoever is so stubborn that he denies all of this evidence, and claims to be “authorized” to modify dream texts to make them correspond to his own beliefs, as Ernie and Becky Knoll frankly admit in the aforementioned e-mail, has to tolerate the warning that they are on the way to committing the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit.

Becky wrote in her aforementioned e-mail:

Regarding Ernie's dreams from 47 onward, they were handled no differently by us than the rest of the dreams. Also, John shared information from the recent dreams that was not to be made public. He got the dreams from someone else who shared them with him. The person was not supposed to share them with anyone, but they did anyway. The have since apologized to Ernie. John shared confidential information from draft copies of the dreams. The reason it was to remain confidential is because not everyone understands the process we go through to edit the dreams. We edit them the same way Ellen G. White did. Visions and dreams are not given word for word by God but rather through thought inspiration. Following is an example of why Ernie has the authority to edit the dreams as needed.

Ellen G. White: The Early Years, Vol. 1, p. 270

Why Were the Lines Omitted in 1851? It may be asked, then, why were the three lines omitted from the printing of the vision in 1851 in Mrs. White's first book? In introducing the vision in the book, she gives a very general reason for all omission--space and repetition of subject matter. This would apply more to the paragraphs descriptive of the new earth than the three lines in question. As to the statement embodied in them, the author herself had the right, even the responsibility, to choose content and wording for her book that would correctly convey what was revealed to her. If there were phrases that were capable of distortion or interpretation to mean that which she did not intend to teach, she had the privilege and even the duty of handling the matter in such a way that the printed account would correctly reflect her intentions.

As can be seen from the Spirit of Prophecy, Ernie has the authority to edit the dreams as needed.

The belief that Ernie and Becky Knoll could assume the authority that Ellen G. White had, is not based on the testimony of the Herald, who repeatedly told Ernie the opposite. By the way, the statement above was not even from Ellen G. White, but from Arthur C. White, who was writing about her. That should not be equated with inspiration. Ellen G. White knew what her visions meant, but Ernie was plainly told that he does not understand what his dreams mean:

Because you do not understand, you know. If you were to know, you would not understand. {Watch, as I AM Coming!}

If Ernie makes amendments to the dreams so they reflect what he believes he understands, it consequently results in an unacceptable change of the meaning and a sinful distortion of the content which God wanted to give. Ellen G. White was never given a similar order from God. Therefore, Ernie does not have the same authority as Ellen G. White.

As this article shows, neither Becky nor Ernie understand the meaning of the dreams. The dreams teach things that go far beyond the understanding and the beliefs of Ernie and Becky Knoll. So far, the Knolls have failed to recognize that the dreams contain lots of references to the Orion clock. They deny it vehemently. Therefore, they think they are authorized to modify them if anything shows up in the dreams which could confirm the Orion clock. They adapt the dream text to their outdated beliefs. They do the same thing with all statements regarding time-setting. If they or their “editorial committee” find something that contradicts their narrow-minded beliefs in a draft as it was written under inspiration by Ernie the morning after the dream, it must be eliminated or modified.

Ernie was told by a messenger of God that he is just a messenger and that he has to reproduce everything exactly as he has seen it or how it was told him:

He calls me by my heavenly name and says, “They are to understand that you, like I, are a messenger. I was instructed to share exactly what I have. You are to share exactly what I have shared with you. {Stand Fast}

He was also told that he must refrain from personal interpretations and should not give personal studies:

The Herald now walks and stands in front of me. He says to me, “All the messages God has given to you that have been written and shared are by Him and you are to continue to share these on His website. You were wrong in sharing your response with a few that had questions in the ‘Stand Fast’ dream regarding tithe. You must understand, you like I am just a messenger. You were told if they do not understand you were to ONLY tell them to take their questions to the One who holds the keys to the Great Storehouse. You were wrong in what you did in sharing your studies. How can others learn and depend on God if you do the studying for them? How can they learn to have a close relationship to the Father if you don’t allow them to pray? Each must take their questions and reservations to the Creator. Each must learn to stand by themselves before the Father.” {Love and Rebuke}

The dreams should point to a special light and pave the way for it... the light of the fourth angel, which includes the Orion Message and the Vessel of Time.

Only the 144,000 understand the message of the day and hour of Jesus' return at the outpouring of the latter rain. That Spirit of Prophecy tells us that. Ernie and Becky deny that too in the July e-mail. Consequently, they do not belong to the 144,000 even though they are firmly convinced that they already have a place reserved in heaven in the rows of the 144,000. Even that notion is clearly wrong.

Ernie and Becky were both personally warned by the Herald:

Calling me by my heavenly name, the Herald looks at Becky and me and says, “What you have just seen and experienced has a deeper meaning. Reach whom you can, but above all get ready yourselves for the time to exit is short, before those that will be sealed are sealed. Those that want to leave, want nothing from where they came. Those that leave will leave what they have, for they have all waiting for them. Be faithful and keep an eye on the clock.” {Two Cars}

So far, they haven’t heeded anything that was uttered in that warning. If I may make one final comment: in the dream “The Hourglass” it speaks of one last grain of sand falling, representing the last Adventist to be sealed very soon. That last grain of sand seems to resist falling down with all its might. I have an idea who this last grain of sand represents: Ernie Knoll, the last prophet for a dying church out of which only a handful will be saved—those who have recognized the day and hour and, led by the left hand of Jesus, follow Him withersoever He goeth... Namely, to the sea of glass and the very, very large room, where the Voice of God comes from and the Holy City descends from: the marvelous, wonderful and glorious Orion Nebula.

Finally, I want to show you the journey through space that Ernie took at the hand of Jesus to the Orion Nebula. I think this little video needs no further words from my side:

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