The Last Countdown

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In the article The Great Conflict, I explained that the builders of the Tower of Babel, who had been scattered by the confusion of tongues, developed their own symbolic language which God would never be able to use as a weapon against them. With this symbolic language, they intended to organize their forces and to encrypt their secret messages. A special feature of this language, which is solely based on symbols, is that it contains two messages: one for the non-initiated, who usually classify the messages as harmless, and one for the initiated, the Illuminati, Freemasons, and members of other secret organizations of the papacy who are really able to decipher and correctly understand them.

The papal coat of arms, which the popes choose after their election according to their own desire, is such a message. In it, they show their policies and plans for their period of rule. It has a harmless message for the uninitiated to lull them into a false sense of security, and an occult message which is intended only for the “enlightened ones”. The current pope, Benedict XVI, who served under John Paul II as his right hand (if not vice versa), was the head of the department of the Inquisition, the name of which has been changed to “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” because “Inquisition” sounds too reminiscent of the persecution of the Christians and the Protestants during the prophetic period of the 1260 years of the Middle Ages from 538 to 1798. He surprised the whole world and his own supporters with a completely new type of papal coat of arms, which has never appeared in the history of the popes with coats of arms since Calixtus II in AD 1119 (and probably will not appear again).

Before I begin to analyze the occult contents of the coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI, I want to state clearly that my church and I never attack people as individuals. God has His people in many churches—faithful Christians who would give everything for Jesus. But the intent is to make these people aware that the papacy and its plans, and the churches that take up the common cause with it to propagate the machinations of Satan, are playing a prominent role in the book of Revelation. Christ calls His people one last time to leave this system of fraud before He reveals Himself.

Here it is, the papal coat of arms of Benedict XVI. If you Google, you will find some videos on YouTube or other sites where even some devout Catholics wonder why this pope has chosen such an unusual coat of arms that is full of esoteric, occult symbols. But after some thorough investigation, it became clear to me that no one had discovered the completely true meaning of the symbols. They are all missing a clear understanding of Bible prophecy, without which the decryption is not possible.

We shall find—particularly in the papal coat of arms and the logo for the Year of St. Paul—some symbols which are borrowed from the Bible and are used with incredible audacity, because this system of deception is very aware that the majority of Christians have too little Bible knowledge to map the symbols to the prophetic books and events of the Bible. Satan mocks, in a certain sense, the “average Christian” as he uses here not only symbols of Freemasonry, but direct biblical symbols.

Therefore, most people who have ventured to decipher it are groping in the dark. Although they suspect dark things and often indicate occult parts of the content correctly, they do not come to the right conclusions and leave us to ourselves with our thoughts and ideas. They get bogged down in details and just cannot grasp the underlying picture.

When I saw this papal coat of arms in 2005 for the first time, I was able to easily decipher all the symbols because I have been interested in the prophecies of the Bible since an early age. My own Bible studies had revealed that this system was a fraud, and therefore I canceled my membership with the Catholic Church in 1984. In 2003, when I was baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist, my own findings had been confirmed for the most part and were even enriched and expanded. The Seventh-day Adventist Church really has the “spirit of prophecy” and understands a big part of the Bible prophecies. This church received the “little strength” from God (Rev 3:8) manifested in the “Spirit of Prophecy” of Ellen G. White. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is now the only Protestant Church that has never given up the understanding of the Reformers, that the papacy is that fraudulent system that is described in the Bible several times as the antichrist, obscuring the truths of the Bible, changing the laws of God and replacing them with the laws of Satan. The Seventh-day Adventists are the only ones who found an explanation for the “great disappointment of 1844” and therefore didn’t have to jettison basic Protestant knowledge. Therefore, they and the initiates themselves are the only ones who would be able to correctly interpret these occult symbols with the help of Bible prophecy.

To understand the symbols, you need to know one fundamental truth: The prophecies of the Bible and those of the Vatican run in parallel at the end of the time up to a certain climax, which is interpreted completely differently by each system. Jesus warns us insistently about the machinations of the enemy, the antichrist, the great whore of Babylon, the mother of harlots, riding a beast, and about a second beast that comes up from the earth (Revelation 13 and 17). But to understand all these warnings, you first have to unmask both the prostitute and the two or three (!) beasts of Revelation, and then you can start to investigate what these entities are doing now, how it is represented in the Bible, and what the consequences will be.

Anyone who no longer believes that the first beast of Revelation 13, the great whore of Babylon, and the little horn of Daniel, are the papacy, which already caused great harm on earth for 1260 years from 538 till 1798, is completely lost in the jungle of esoteric explanations with what is going on and what will happen in this world. He not only has no idea what the enemy intends, he does not even know who the enemy is! He will never know the true meaning of the coat of arms of this next to last pope, who despite his advanced age wants to play a big role in establishing a totalitarian world ruler who will go to perdition along with the “New World Order” under his control at Christ’s soon return.

The Bible tells us that before the second coming of Christ, there will be a falsified return of a false christ who will deceive the whole world. The Vatican’s prophecy expects this false christ as “Petrus Romanus” (Google for “Malachy”) and is erroneously interpreted as the second coming of Peter, the apostle of Christ. Many expect this false last pope after Benedict XVI because of the prophecy of Malachy who predicted 111 popes, after which “Petrus Romanus” would come. Benedict is the 111th pope. This is explained in detail on many websites. Note particularly the numerological representation of 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. This figure indicates a trinity, but in this case the counterfeit or satanic trinity that we will soon discover in his coat of arms.

According to the Bible, we shouldn’t actually expect a “normal” pope after Benedict XVI, much less a resurrected “Peter” (or John Paul II), because the dead are sleeping as Scripture tells us. They are not in any twilight zone (purgatory) or already in heaven or hell. That is the mother of all lies of Satan, by which he had deceived Adam and Eve:

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: (Genesis 3:4)

All religions that believe in a continued existence of a “soul” after death are clearly based on this lie from Satan. In truth, we return to the dust from which we were taken. Only God has a complete register of our minds and experiences and can make us rise again whenever He wants. In very simplified form, one can imagine it like the RAM and hard disk of a laptop. Switched on, the computer works (lives). Its brain, the memory, is loaded. In the inactive state, it is sleeping or resting until it is powered on again by its owner and comes back to life. The PC itself has no consciousness (memory) while turned off (dead), but all its knowledge and its experience is saved on a hard disk (archive of God) and can always be reloaded again (resurrection). When the PC wakes up again, it lacks any memory of what happened during its “hibernation state”.

In several places in the Bible, Jesus has revealed that there will be two resurrections: one at Jesus’ second coming for the righteous in Christ who accepted and kept His commandments, and a second, after a waiting period of 1000 years, during which the earth with all the disobedient was destroyed at the coming of Christ and remained inhabited only by the devil and the demons who will be bound during this time, having to wait until Jesus’ third coming. When Christ will come to earth for the third time after the 1000 years, and with Him all the witnesses that have long since risen with Christ, the lost will be resurrected to receive their ultimate punishment—eternal death, the final termination of existence. In our previous example: shutdown and deletion of all data on the hard drive. Then the earth will be restored, and a new, perfect creation without the breath of death and sin will be inhabited by the saved at the coming of Christ. Satan’s lie, and he himself and all his followers—whether human or demon—will cease to exist forever. A hell in which God would endlessly torture the children of His creation is just an invention of an apostate church that has no idea how wonderful the character of God is, who is Love. God would never torture His children forever, even if they would have decided against Him. He just gives them the choice whether they want to live forever, or if they prefer, to fall back into the state before their creation: into non-existence. This is because He could not ask us before our creation if we want to be created at all. This is our loving God who gives us the perfect choice.

So, if at once we see a “Christ”, a “resurrected Peter”, a “resurrected John Paul II”, or “Mary, Mother of all Nations” walking on the earth confirming that Sunday is now the biblical day of rest, against the statements of the Bible which God describes in the fourth commandment as a sign between Him and His people, then we know that this is an impostor.

This fraud will appear just before the close of probation and deceive the whole world. Great disasters will have previously visited the world and the Sunday law will have been proclaimed. Then Satan himself will appear in the form of an angel of light as prophesied by the apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 11:14) and promise to make everything whole again. This was also seen by Ellen G. White. I would not be surprised if this “angel of light” would enact a great spectacle directly at St. Peter’s Square in Rome, and “land” there as “extraterrestrial” intelligence with great pomp and start to accomplish a great work of “salvation”. Of course, the solemn proclamation that he himself changed the day of worship to Sunday will be made. The pope will fall down at his feet and all the world will follow the beast. Later, the plagues will come, which even Satan cannot “heal” anymore.

But now, back to the papal coat of arms. What’s so different about this papal coat of arms? Look at the list of all the papal coats of arms on Wikipedia. Click it! It’s worth it! Do you notice something?

All the papal coats of arms (except for the very first of Calixtus II, which was not a real coat of arms in this sense) have the following four basic components:

  1. The tiara (triple crown of the popes)
  2. The keys of “Peter”
  3. The red cord that connects the keys
  4. The shield with the symbols of each pope (an expression of his intentions and policies).

Mind you, all the papal coats of arms since 1198 have these constituents! Now, Cardinal Ratzinger, a Bavarian (a district of Germany), is elected pope: a harmless gray-haired man, who will probably just govern a few more years, and even mentions this in his quite “modest” inaugural speech... Suddenly everything changes all at once... Those who believe that this pope will stay in the shadow of John Paul II are terribly mistaken.

The Lost Tiara

First of all, it is striking that the tiara has vanished from the coat of arms and instead appears the miter. The three crowns adorning the tiara, which is also called Triregnum in Latin, have disappeared with it and make space for three modest bands of gold. The first question for an analyst of this coat of arms should be, why and where have all these three crowns gone?

If you believe the Vatican’s explanatory text, suddenly Benedict XVI has become so modest that he doesn’t want those crowns any longer! But wasn’t he always Ratzinger the ultraconservative, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Inquisition), who immediately called everything a heresy that did not correspond to the traditional beliefs of the Roman Church? And, shortly after the beginning of his reign, didn’t he emphasize that the Roman Church alone is the mother church and that other Christian churches do not even have the right to call themselves churches, and thus he snubbed the entire evangelical world? Isn’t this a clear claim to absolute power, at least in the religious field? Therefore, wouldn’t it have made sense for him to leave the three crowns in place? For now, all we can do is wonder until we will research it more deeply. Later, we will discover together who was crowned and who will be crowned with these crowns that have apparently vanished.

One thing is clear: Ratzinger is a highly intelligent man, if not the most intelligent pope of all time. His studies, his titles and his life experience are unmatched. Even John Paul II would be unable to hold a candle to him. If Ratzinger does something, he does it because he knows exactly what he is doing. And, as we shall see, this is even the case here in the disappearance of the tiara.

New in the Coat of Arms: The Pallium

The second thing that catches the eye is that a new component was added to the coat of arms: the pallium, the white woolen stole with three Maltese crosses at the bottom of the shield that have recently changed their color from black to red. We will need to examine more closely what this pallium means. It is only worn by certain persons on special occasions, but it’s very unusual that this appears for the first time in history on a papal coat of arms.

This is surely a most important message, because here, just as before, Ratzinger does not do anything without knowing exactly what he is doing!

New Symbols: Moor, Bear and Shell

Now to the shield itself are symbols never before used: a Moor crowned with a red crown, a bear with a pack bag or a saddle with a mysterious X on it. Although we know the shell from other coats of arms, the size is unique. Look again at all the papal coats of arms. We repeatedly find the following symbols:

  1. The eagle, which in the occult teaching is also known as phoenix and symbolizes the fallen Satan—that will resurrect from its ashes (a reference to Satan’s first lie about the immortality of the soul).
  2. The dragon, which of course also symbolizes Satan himself (Revelation 20:2).
  3. The snake, eel, or snake-like lines with stars, the ancient serpent, or the fallen angel.
  4. A winged lion, the symbol of Babylon and world domination (see Daniel 7).
  5. Towers or tower-like forms: the Tower of Babel or Freemasonry, also a symbol of world domination to be achieved.

And much more. It is obvious that it is mostly about Satan’s world domination. It is not just this pope who is seeking world domination but all the popes since 1798 have been working towards this goal, because they want to recover their world-dominating supremacy of the prophetic 1260 years from 538 to 1798.

Can it be that this world government will be composed of three sub-powers, and these three symbols provide us with an exact description of this threefold power? Would this also explain where the three crowns have gone? In three articles I want to speak about “The Moor”, “The Bear” and “The Shell”.

As already indicated, the prophecies of God and Satan at the end of time are running in parallel. God prophesied that a big fraud will deceive almost all the people who are not vigilant. Now let’s take a critical look at the symbols on the emblem of the “blessed” Benedict XVI, taking into account the known Bible prophecies and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy.

First, let’s pursue the question of the missing tiara in the next article.

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